2020 Audi Q3: Style And Utility Aspects


The subcompact crossover model Q3 from Audi has been there in the US market since 2015, but it was there on the market of Europe since the year 2012. In comparison to other larger sized Audi models and other brand models in its class, the Q3 looks most dated. In these years Audi has further built up the Q3 in a more desirable way and in 2019, the new design did make the Q3 series stand ahead of others in many aspects, remembered one of the experienced staff who manages the sales department of the Monterey car dealers

Running Ahead in the Race

With ever-increasing numbers of small crossovers, staying ahead of the entire race isn’t a child’s play. But when it comes to Audi, we know that the brand knew its trade well, so the new edition of Q3 this year had everything in their places to reduce the number of competitors in its way. The 2020 Audi Q3 now wears that smart look that can put even the fresher rivals in trouble.

Even in terms of performance the 2020 Audi Q3 meets up to the expectation of the people who are already smitten by its dashing looks. 

The Styling Statement

The new Q3 series reflects a lot of personality traits borrowed from its big brother Q8 that makes the business easier, as the buyers who didn’t want that large a vehicle but loved the design of Q8 now got a better and affordable option. It has adopted the large frontal grille that is vertically designed, the cues taken from the marvelous model Q8. 

Those who have studies the Audi models so far must have observed its usually conservative styling accents, but the new 2020 Q3 now imports some aggressive strokes that served the purpose well in breaking the monotony. The overall impact of its styling is that it has got a new blue color painted on  the press materials. The rear side imbibes few bulbous shapes that matches the rich tastes of the elite buyers, while the front end grabs the attention of all. 

Technology to Inform and Entertain

The 2020 Q3 series now can boast of many other virtues that were not present in its earlier versions. As a result, all its closest competitors are now facing a tougher challenge as the new infotainment section of the 2020 Audi Q3 makes a new approach to the aspects of information and entertainment altogether. Right now it relies on a beautiful 8.8-inch touchscreen that has been upgraded to a bigger size of 10.1 inches, installed as standard on the top trims. To handle all the functionalities of the infotainment it is given the support of a massive 10.25-inch display for the virtual cockpit.

At every showroom of the Monterey car dealerships, the sellers are focusing on this new infotainment system of the 2020 Audi Q3 that has some really useful features like a natural-language voice control, to enter the right voice commands, compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to make smartphone access easier with excellent phone connectivity to allow you stay connected all the way.

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