5 Essential Tips For Motorcycle Maintenance


Whether we like it or not, motorcycle maintenance is a fundamental part of the experience of owning and driving a motorbike. If you overlook the maintenance of your motorbike, you will quickly see that the list of “small problems” is increasing until your motorcycle stops working completely. Therefore, at Singleton Bike Shop we have compiled a list of 5 essential motorcycle maintenance tips that will keep yours in good working order.

  1. Find Out How to Clean your Motorcycle’s, Air Filter

Ahh, yes, this is probably the most tedious part of driving a motorbike. The last thing you want to do after a long road motorcycle trip is to kneel and scrape all the mud and dirt. Unfortunately, this is perhaps the most important advice for the maintenance of motocross bikes.

Leaving mud and sand wet on your motorcycle at night will damage your parts, which means that bills to repair your motorcycle will arrive more frequently. If you find a practical way to clean your motorbike after each trip, you will discover that it is much easier to detect a problem since you have a personal approach. This should allow you to solve any problem with your motorbike before it breaks down along the way. It is up to you whether or not you apply special cleaning products for motocross bikes, or if you make maintenance stops along the way, but at least you should spray and wash your motorcycle with soap. 

  1. Clean the Filter of your Motorbike

Like us, your motorbike needs to breathe when you’re on the road. If your motorcycle’s air filter is dirty and crashes, you will experience a significant decrease in performance, as the air struggles to enter the combustion chamber. Think it’s like competing in a run with a stuffy nose … you can never get the air you need to run fast.

There are many ways to clean a motorbike air filter, you can use an aerosol air filter cleaner or even soapy water if you wish. Be sure to lubricate it with a high-quality air filter oil once it dries.

  1. Keep the Parts of your Motorbike Tight

The parts of the motorbike bear a lot of punishment, so after each tour, you should check a list of essential elements; The motorcycle spokes, all types of nuts or bolts and cables should be checked to see if there is a problem in their operation. When it comes to the motorbike chain, the tension must be correct, neither too tight nor too loose.

  1. Change your Motorcycle Oil

Happy wife, happy life, that’s what they say right? Well, the same goes for motocross bikes. To keep your motorcycle happy, you must periodically feed it with Singleton Bike Shop Dirt Bike Oil, and you will see how it improves the performance and efficiency of your motorcycle, as well as prolonging the oil change intervals. Singleton Bike Shop has worked closely with professional motorcyclists to offer a constant clutch feel, giving you more confidence while driving.

  1. Coolant for Motocross Bikes

Another way to keep your motocross bike happy is to keep the engine cool. With little space for fans, motocross bikes need to work at full speed to get the cooling they need. A good motorcycle coolant will greatly contribute to reducing the engine temperature, which allows more space for performance. Motorbikes use more engine coolant than traditional motorcycles, so it is important that they remain at the optimum level to ensure that no damage occurs due to overheating.

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