5 Facts On The Mazda Kodo Design


Since the year 2010, Mazda had been striving to create a line of cars that can represent the beauty of life through its dynamic application of design, which they named as KODO that stands for Soul of Motion design philosophy.

“Breathing Life Into The Car” was the motto of Mazda when they thought about their car designs. They wanted the designs to carry the essence of an ultimate Form of Motion that was beautifully envisioned by the Mazda designers.

Here are some basic facts that worked behind the KODO design that are shared by the Phoenix Mazda dealerships.

  1. Inspiration behind KODO the “Soul of Motion” design

Mazda felt the need to pour something more while creating a car than simply curving outthe physical shape. Mazda pursued sincerely on its quest to frame the dynamic beauty of life that extends beyond the confinement of the conventional way of designing a car.

  1. Mazda Car Models with KODO Design

Mazda car models like Mazda CX-3 and Mazda MX-5, are the bestrepresentations of the KODO design that go by the same philosophy yet in different ways.They are the eloquent expression of an unrestricted motion that were the result of a thoroughintrospective studydisplaying the dynamic forms of life painted with the aestheticsense of Japan.

  1. Simplicity Meets Dignity

The basic theory behind KODO design is combining simplicity with a dignity that can instantly establish a connection withits viewersmostly at the first sight. What Mazda Design strived for has been achieved through the harmonious synchronization of these two self-opposing elements. What comes out is a true picturization of the natural beauty of life from which their philosophy of designed was inspired.

  1. Traditional European Craftsmanship

The KODO design philosophy again became the inspiration for many.Talented minds and organizations came forward who collaborate withthis creation of beauty. Designers from places across the world came together to be a part of this lively demonstration.The cars from Mazda could exhibit the artistic outcome of a perfect balance between the Mazda Design and the traditional European craftsmanship bringingout a refined shape that welcome people in the carswith the feel of warmth.

Once such common stance of aesthetics that is planted in all recent Mazda cars is the sofa that evokesa strong striking polished seating pleasure that is crafted on aluminum-based frames at the front and rear with a vivid red color used only on the surface of the back that can allure any one who could steal a glance at their interiors.

The Phoenix Mazda dealer explains further saying that the beauty extends with a set of perfectly matching table that has a wooden base intentionally bearing the shape of symbolical wings, with a plate of glass on the top.

  1. Next-Generation Design

Mazda is running faster towards formulating a next-generation design, based on KODO. They are on a mission of reinterpreting Japanese aesthetics and expressing its subtle beauty cultivated since the ancient times and all this is merging together to create a sense of vitality to be observed in the next lineups of Mazda cars.

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