A Few Basic Pros And Cons Of Vinyl Wrapping Your Car


Over the years, vinyl wrapping cars has proved incredibly popular as it is not only cost-effective, but if done right it can also look pretty spectacular as well. The car modification market is one of the most competitive and lucrative markets in the entire world, and vinyl wrapping has only helped to emphasise that very point.

More and more people are now choosing to vinyl wrap their cars and you’re one of those people in question, you may first want to weigh up a few of the pros and cons. For that reason we’ll now look at the pros and cons of vinyl wrapping your car, in a bid to determine just whether vinyl wrapping is indeed as beneficial and effective as so many people tend to claim.

Vinyl Wrapping Pro – The Cost

One of the main benefits of vinyl wrapping your car is the fact that you will save a great deal of money when compared with getting your car re-sprayed. Getting a full re-spray not only costs for the pain and materials, but the labour itself can also cost a small fortune.

When being re-sprayed, a car must first be stripped, sanded down, prepped, and primed. That in itself can take days and that’s before the paint has even been applied. All of this requires labour which is one of the reasons why re-sprays are so expensive.

Vinyl wrapping however, requires far less labour and as the materials are also cheaper, you really do save a great deal of cash, although getting a professional local vinyl wrapping company to install a wrap for you costs less than you might think, starting at around $1200/£800, a good place to start is through a site like the 3Dom Wraps Network, an Automotive Aftermarket Services company who provide quotes from local installers. But anyway, back to the pros and cons.

Vinyl Wrapping Con – Up Close You Can Tell The Difference

For perfectionists, unfortunately vinyl wrapping will never be quite as professional as a full re-spray and if somebody were to get up close and inspect the vehicle, they would be able to tell the difference between vinyl and a re-spray.

Vinyl wrap still looks amazing, especially when it has been fitted by a professional, but the fact remains that up close, you can see a difference between vinyl and paint.

Pro – They Can Be Mass Produced

Another pro of vinyl wrapping is the fact that it can be mass produced, and so for that reason, customers and business owners can benefit. If you do require a certain colour for your car for example, rather than paint matching etc, you can simply take note of the colour and model number of the vinyl on your current vehicle, and simply order some more.

That way you know you are getting the exact same finish. Business owners can also bulk order some of the more popular wraps and keep them in stock, so that when a customer does require more wrap, they can simply purchase it then and there, rather than having to order it in and rely on deliveries etc.

As they can be mass produced, getting what you want, much quicker, is much easier which is ideal for people who don’t like waiting around.

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