All You Need About Leaking Car Oil In The Parking Lot


We often get to hear that changing the engine oil in a car is one of the important ways to take care of a car. If you think that is an overstatement, it is you on the wrong side. The saying is always correct, as it is the engine oil that makes the engine function the way it does. The function of the engine oil is to reduce the frequency and intensity of friction that takes place inside the engine. Pouring in clean and high quality oil is the basic requirement for your car engine to do its job properly.

By doing so you are ensuring that all the components of your car engine are working well in tune with each other without rubbing or causing corrosion. However, with time, the same expensive and clear oil is bound to get contaminated and thereby losing its viscosity. In simple words, the engine won’t work its usual way, if the oil has become dirty, and this will eventually take place. But there is even a bigger problem with the engine oil other than getting contaminated, it can as well leak out from its reservoir, and that can lead to much bigger loss. To prevent this from happening or to address the issue, we have gathered all the relevant information on oil leakage from your car from the experienced staff of a well-known auto repair shop.

Causes of Oil Leaks

If one fine day you see a puddle of greasy-looking brown liquid accumulated right under your car, when you take it out from the parking lot, know that it is the engine oil leaking. Even though the recent times vehicles are coming with an in-built shield underneath, to catch the oil preventing it from touching the ground, it is still a matter of concern. But in such case, a low oil level indicator will communicate you about the problem, even after you’ve filled it recently. 

But what causes the engine oil to leak? The experts we spoke to explained about the most common causes and probabilities.

Oil Pans and Gaskets Being Damaged

The oil pans and gaskets in your car are susceptible to frequent damage because of the road debris that get to touch the bottom of the car. Driving through rough roads can sometimes create a hole in the undercarriage of your car causing your oil pan leak. The same way, the can corrode after long time usage leading to oil leak.

Wrong Installations

If the oil pan gasket or the valve cover gasket are over or less tightened than the right fit, or if the oil filter is improperly attached, the continuous flow of engine oil will make the fit loose, causing a leakage. 

The Solution

The only solution to this problem is take your car to the auto repair shop for an oil change as often as your car manufacturer recommends and using the same recommended brand of oil to avoid all the above mentioned issues that can lead to a oil leakage. 


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