Best Roads in the UK for a Bike Ride


Bikers in the UK appreciate tarmac. On a smooth stretch and a winding way, bikers can explore different things while enjoying an exciting cruise. After all, no one would like to just sit on a bike with no fun accompanying the journey. The first thing as a rider that you should do is to choose a road that suits your preferences. In the UK, there are great roads for bikers that you can appreciate cruising through. For those who love the thrill, there are several twists as well as long stretches which are ideal for open road bikers. To get you started, below are several picks of the best roads for biking in the UK.

The Cat and Fiddle (A537)

This is an 11 kilometre tarmac road that runs between Buxton and Macclesfield. Despite the fact it has been categorised among dangerous roads in the UK, it is one of the most preferred roads by bikers. While riding on this road, you are guaranteed to meet newcomers. However, you need to be careful and observant due to the sharp corners you will have to negotiate.

There is plenty of company and you can learn several things from fellow bikers who are either there to have fun, or just mere travelling. Although the speed is limited to 50mph, there is a lot you can do and have a great moment with your bike. It is arguably the best rated road for bikers due to the several challenges you will have to concur while riding. The road offers a new while experience that helps you to learn the art of careful driving as well as several tricks you can apply

The Antrim coast road

The Antrim coast road stretches 6 miles long and is friendly for bikers for several reasons. Within the area is the NW200, so if you missed your calling to join the world of biking you can enter trials. However, you should stick to the speed limit and don’t be duped to engage into overtaking manoeuvres when you know you cannot handle the technicality of the stretch. The road passes adjacent to the ocean, so you need to be careful while riding your bike. Basically, the stretch is not
rugged and there are no distractions. The only problem is the deceiving thrill that could come with the amazing cruise through the road. Don’t let the enjoyment blind you to overdo the riding hence ending up into accidents.

A82Glassgow Inverness road

Riders will confirm that the A82 is an exciting stretch you should not miss if you are looking for a new experience with your bike. The road sweeps between Glasgow and Inverness and is clean with no hindrances for the rider. So far, it is the smoothest stretch and is also a major choice among riders who want to try anything out. If ever roads were made exclusively for bikers, this should be the first example. It clings to the Scottish landscape and gracefully goes through Glencoe up to
Forts William and Augustus.

Along the road, there are many guest houses and the landscape around it is beautiful. There are also hotels and campsites where you can rest after a tiresome journey. If your motorbike breaks down while riding along this stretch, you should not worry about anything because you can reach companies like the Motoring Assist for instant repairs and motorcycle cover.

The A4117 (Clee Hill – Shropshire)

A4117 road is a long stretch that goes through Shropshire hills. The Ludlow to Cleobury descent is the most challenging part of this road, and your motorbike needs to have good breaks. You should also maintain good speed while at this point because it is one of the most dangerous parts of the whole stretch.

Landscape around the road is amazing and you will at once enjoy standing at the TitterstoneCleeHil, which is located over 1, 500 feet above sea level. One motivating fact about the road is there is a lot of company from fellow bikers who come to enjoy riding on stretch.

A542, the Horseshoe pass

Located in North Wales, the A542 is one of the UK’s most spectacular roads for bikers. It offers a steady incline, which makes ascent and descent simple and exciting. New bikers will get a chance to have fun with safety guaranteed. The stretch is named horseshoe due to its shape. You will also appreciate cruising at a height of 1, 400 feet above sea level.

Hardknott Pass in Lake District

With a 1 in 3 slant, the Hardknott Pass is the steepest road in the UK. This route is not for the feint hearted and those trying to learn the nitty gritty of biking. For established and experienced bikers, this is a route that will offer a challenge and a whole new experience.

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