Bicycle Sharing! The Ideal Way To Stay Fit And Travel Las Vegas


Imagine yourself in a desert in the night! Scary isn’t it? Well, things are a little different in Las Vegas, Nevada’s Mojave desert. On the contrary, Las Vegas is famous for its nightlife worldwide. It is a perfect tourist spot with a wild desert for adventure and the city of Las Vegas to have fun. You can double the fun by using a bicycle. It is recommended to travel places like Las Vegas on a bicycle because you get a better experience. You observe things that you might have missed in a fast-moving vehicle. Hence, missing something that you might have liked. The best way to get a bicycle in Las Vegas is from Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC) bike share  With all the fun Las Vegas offers, the city also has laws for riding a bicycle. Visit for your bicycle related emergency in Las Vegas.  

Benefits of Riding a Bicycle

Riding a bicycle is an amazing mode of transportation that burn calories. But other than just being fun way of transport, riding a bicycle has a lot of benefits like;

  • Cycling is a great cardiovascular exercise, It keeps your heart young.
  • It helps you in your fat loss goals.
  • Riding a bicycle helps in improving the joint mobility and the body coordination.
  • It strengthens the bones and muscles, moreover, it stimulates metabolism.
  • It also helps in fighting depression and anxiety by uplifting your mood.
  • Other than health benefits, it is environmentally friendly and pocket-friendly as well.

How did Bike Sharing become Popular in Las Vegas

Last year in October 2016 RTC came up with a great idea of collaborating with Bicycle Transit Systems and BCycle. Initially, They opened 21 stations all throughout the downtown with 180 bikes in total. You can pick and drop bicycles at different stations Anyone can rent a bicycle at $4 for 30 minutes or $20 for a monthly subscription. You can rent a bike maximum for 24 hours. The fare varies on the duration you keep the bike to yourself. This program was a huge success and they are celebrating a one year anniversary with special discounts offered.

Places to Ride a Bicycle in Las Vegas and Safety Precautions

If you are an adrenaline junkie, you must try the mustang trail in the red rock canyon. You can also enjoy a bike ride to hoover dam and lake mead. Other than red rock canyon, Las Vegas offers bootleg canyon with amazing trails to ride. If not hardcore riding, you can always ride in downtown to see the old Las Vegas.

As fun as riding a bicycle can be, you must take care of certain things like your hydration. Cycling for long hours can get you dehydrated. Wear proper gear for safety. In case of an accident, your safety gear can save your life.

To sum it all, Bike sharing is a great way to travel Las Vegas. But you really need to watch out for road accidents. Always look around while taking turns or crossing a busy road. Ride in the bicycle lane and follow the rules. If you stumble across a case of an emergency related to a bicycle accident, is there to help anyway. So, you’re good to go and enjoy Las Vegas on your Bike sharing.

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