Can Motorcyclists Benefit From Massages?


Getting a massage might be the last thing that comes to a motorcyclist’s mind as they ride down the road, but it’s a better idea to get one than you might think. Spending hours on a motorcycle can cause a lot of strain on the body. Just the force of all the wind against your body can led to muscle strain on your neck and back. In addition, your helmet can add a lot of extra weight onto your spine.

Another reason to look at getting a massage is that motorcyclists are more susceptible to compartment syndrome than other people. Gripping the handlebars and having to squeeze the throttle can lead to highly taut forearms. As time goes by, all of these things can lead to pain and stiffness as far down as the lower back. Since you aren’t able to move as well as you used to, your risk of injury is greatly increased.

Getting a massage from a professional sports masseuse can help to loosen the fascia that are making your forearms so taut. It can also help increase the circulation and blood flow in your neck and shoulders, which will reduce the effects of compression syndrome on the body.

Another significant advantage of a massage is that a professional can work to get the plates on your body back into alignment. Prolonged motorcycle riding can lead to your bone plates, some of which can be found on your spine and arm or leg bones, becoming imbalanced. This can lead to motion restriction if it isn’t taken care of.

How often you get a massage depends on how often you ride. If you only ride a few times a year, then you should only get a massage if you feel pain in your neck, shoulders or back. If you’re a professional who rides a motorcycle for long periods of time, then you should get massages more regularly such as once every 1-2 weeks.You can read more here about massages for motorcyclists.

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