Check Transmission Gearbox To Save Money On Vehicle Repairs


When a transmission goes out, your car may not move until you either get it repaired or replaced. However, replacing an entire transmission can be very expensive and it may not be necessary. If a gearbox goes out, it will keep the transmission from properly working and, be replacing it, your vehicle will be able to be driven again.

Repair or Replace

After your transmission stops working, you will have the choice between repairing it or replacing it. Most mechanics are going to opt for replacing it, because there are a multitude of moving parts in them and replacing it may be the better option. However, many transmissions can be repaired by removing the gearbox and replacing or repairing that part.

What is a Gearbox?

The gearbox is a part within a transmission that helps provide torque conversions and speed from a moving power source to another device. In other words, the gearbox helps keep the transmission moving and when it stops working, your vehicle’s transmission will stop working. The gearbox can be removed from the transmission and diagnosed to see if it caused the transmission to quit working.

You can either take your gearbox to a company in the business of diagnosing Gravesend gearboxes to have it tested or you can purchase another gearbox. Sometimes, a gearbox can be repaired or reconditioned, so when it is put back in the transmission, everything works properly again. This process can be much less expensive than replacing the entire transmission of a car or truck.

If you’re having transmission issues, you should have the mechanic check the gearbox before you decide to replace it. If the gearbox is the culprit, ask if it can be reconditioned before buying a new one. By replacing the gearbox, you can save money and get your car back on the road.

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