How To Choose A Suitable Roof Rack For Your Vehicle


For those of you who own a car like a Land Cruiser, the concept of throttle and power is familiar. These cars are characterized by a mean engine and smooth looks that make them count among the most good-looking speed machines. The high capacity of these cars makes them ideal for family cars and they are frequently chosen by adventure enthusiasts for their outdoor sojourns. If you are thinking about installing a steel flat rack suitable for 150 series Prado or other such cars, you should consider the following aspects.

  • Understanding the features of a roof rack

When you start looking online, you will find dozens of models and kinds of roof racks. It is important that you understand the key features of each kind before going ahead with the purchase. For example, the material of construction of the roof rack will determine its strength and durability. The design will determine how well it fits on a particular car model. Such features should be noted and compared before you buy a roof rack for your car.

  • Understanding the need for a roof rack

Owners of Land Cruisers and other similar models don’t have a space crunch inside their vehicles. However, installing a steel flat rack suitable for 150 series Prado and similar cars gives a place to stow and pack bulky items safely. These items include camping gear, kayaks, boats, surfboards, luggage etc. If you regularly travel with any of these items, or you have a big family, then it is imperative that you get a roof rack installed. However, if you feel that most of the items you usually carry can fit safely inside your Prado and that you don’t travel in big groups; then you might skip the idea totally. Installing roof racks only for the purpose of beautification and adding more style to your car doesn’t make sense.

  • Understanding the installation of a roof rack

Before you give a nod to the installation guy, you should understand how it is done. Most roof rack packs consist of side rails, mounts, and towers. You should know how each of these components is attached and what purpose does it serve. In addition, you might have to purchase straps to secure the loaded items.

  • Understanding the problems associated with roof racks

Roof racks are additional structures that are mounted on the rooftop. With time, a lot of dust and dirt tends to be collected between the roof surface and the rails of the rack. Sometimes, the rack shifts because of heavy load and too much speed of the car, and it might result in minor scratches to the pain, followed by rusting.  Also, it is important to realise that installing a steel flat rack suitable for 150 series Prado is an irreversible procedure. If you don’t like the look of your car after attaching the roof rack, you cannot go back to its original look.

There is no doubt that roof racks add a lot of storage space and change the overall look and appearance of your vehicle. However, you should clearly understand the process and weigh its advantages and disadvantages.

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