Do Not Dispose Of Worn-Out Catalytic Converters

Spare Parts

A catalytic converter in the vehicle exhaust system operates as an emission control device. It reduces hazardous substances that can harm the environment. The cost of this part is high even if it has already worn out. ACM — catalytic converter scrap price that is profitable for those who wish to sell these worn-out elements.

Used catalytic converters are usually bought because their parts contain platinum group metals. Precious metals cannot be removed without special equipment, therefore car owners have one option only – to sell the converters.  With care for the car and environment in mind.

The main purpose of a catalytic converter in the car exhaust system is to convert toxic components into harmless substances. The catalytic converter cleans the exhaust by releasing non-hazardous CO2 and H2O into the air.

When a vehicle health check indicates the catalytic converter failure, the further operation of this element may be dangerous. It is also not recommended to dispose of or store it in the garage. The worn-out element should be recycled for the following reasons:-

  • A catalytic converter means the concentration of toxic substances that accumulate during the operation of this filtering element. Hazardous materials can cause human intoxication, harm the environment when they penetrate into the ground, soil, and pollute water. The converter’s elements have a long decay period, for this reason, toxic substances accumulated during exhaust purification will pollute the environment for many years.
  • An old catalytic converter will not be useful in the future; it will not be of benefit, therefore it must be sold for scrap. Funds received from the sale of an unusable catalytic converter can be used to buy the necessary parts or repair the car.
  • It is expensive and economically unviable to restore contaminated catalytic converters, especially since in some cases it is not possible to repair them. When a component’s service life expires, this component should be replaced with a new one. While deteriorating, the catalytic converter harms other elements of the exhaust system and can cause a complex breakdown, therefore its further use is not recommended.

When giving a catalytic converter for recycling, every driver should be aware that this is a relevant recyclable material that is extensively used in the automotive and other industries. Acting according to the law, the car owner not only protects the environment but also receives a financial incentive.

Price of a worn-out catalytic converter

Catalytic converters are bought up after an examination. This procedure helps establish the value of an element. The pricing is affected by the following factors:-

  • The vehicle brand, specifications, and mileage
  • Fuel quality
  • Driving style and operational circumstances
  • Failure type, condition of the part

The examination is a quick process. Having received the results, the car owner can collect the payment amount. This needless part will still serve as a source of income for the purchase of a new catalytic converter.

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