Electric Scooters By Epic Cycles


The electric scooter is the newest mode of transport for people.  Not just child’s play any longer; adults—including businessmen and women—are taking to the electric scooter to get around town and even to work on a nice day.  Electric scooters are handy, inexpensive, and makes a short commute more pleasurable because you do not have to fight the traffic on the road.  Not only are you saving money by using an electric scooter, you are also being kind to the environment by not causing any pollution. 

 There are several advantages to riding an electric scooter, some in which include:

  • The can be used on the sidewalk; due to the lower maximum speed of an electric scooter they are more collectively acceptable to use on the sidewalk than the electric bikes are.
  • An electric scooter is very easy to handle. The trim style of the electric scooter makes them easier to manipulate through crowds of people or anything else that might need avoiding on a sidewalk; such as a vending cart or even a stray animal walking on the sidewalk.  If something is in your path you can easily go around it without any hassle.
  • Mounting and dismounting an electric scooter much simpler than a bicycle; as well, if one has knee pain, using an electric scooter is a more feasible alternative to a bicycle.
  • Storage of an electric scooter is so much easier due to the lightweight design and portability of the frame; one can effortlessly fold their scooter up, in order to charge the battery if space is limited. Also, this makes traveling on busses or the subway easier, just fold up your scooter and carry it on like a carry-on bag.
  • In Canada the average commute in a big city such as Toronto is as long as thirty-three minutes one way; by commuting to work on an e-bike instead of your car you can burn upwards of six hundred calories a day. If you did this for the entire work week, you could possibly burn around three thousand calories a week or 1k of fat a month; continue this rate for the year and you are looking at a possible 10kg of weight loss.

Like anything else, there are going to be some disadvantages to electronic scooters.  Some of these disadvantages may include:

  • Safety issues: Any time you opt to use a two-wheeled version over the conventional four-wheeled motor vehicle, there is going to be a safety concern.  People driving a car do not always look out for a two-wheeled vehicle on the street (be it a motorcycle, bicycle or electronic scooter) Therefore, it is very important when you are using an electronic scooter as your mode of transportation you follow all the rules of the road, wear any safety equipment such as helmet, gloves, and boots, whatever it takes to keep you safe; and be sure to remain alert and aware of the other vehicles around you.
  • Need to ensure you keep your battery charged at all times.

The pros outweigh the cons on the subject of the electric scooter; therefore, it would be beneficial, as well as economically friendly to purchase one and use as your newest mode of transport.  If you are able to do so, you will soon begin to wonder why you waited so long to do so!

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