Few Facts On Chevrolet Military Discount


Not many car buyers from the military cadre decides to buy a new car being aware of the fact that they are eligible for the military incentives and what are their rates. But as a leading car manufacturer, Chevrolet has extended their offer Military Discount on a few selected models. In addition to that, they are even trying to support the service members and their families in many ways.

From the Mechanicsburg Chevrolet Military discount we came to know a few facts on the Chevrolet Military Discount on cars. After collecting these facts, we thought of reaching the military people or their families to let them know about the benefits they deserve in lieu of the service they render to their nation.

Bundled Military Incentive

There are many organizations who are offering a bundled military incentive for the exact vehicle make and model that one likes. Chevrolet as a leading automaker carry out their responsibilities towards the nation by offering great discounts on car purchase to the people who fights and take life risks to save the nation. Getting them a new car under a military-related financial institution or making it financed through a credit union could save them thousands off the sticker price while a huge discount in the annual maintenance percentage with a low rate of interest could also be included.

Who are Eligible

Chevrolet and its dealers extend their military discount to a few categories of people. Not everyone with a military background are held as eligible to avail this offer. These categories of eligible military people include:

  • Active Duty members,
  • National Guard members,
  • Reservists,
  • Veterans within three years of their date of discharge
  • Retirees  
  • Spouses or designated household members – of the U.S. Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, Navy, and Coast Guard.

What is Being Offered

The Special Ops Edition of Mechanicsburg Chevrolet Veterans discount  program features a naval inspired graphics on their car in black accents, and a bunch of sport accessories. Chevrolet partnered with the Navy SEAL Museum in cities like Fort Pierce and Florida to help out the families of military personnel who have fallen out of service, are injured, retired, grown veteran and even for those who are on active duty. This way Chevrolet conducts its military discount program showing their best efforts to show their gratitude to the people who give invaluable service to the nation.

Here is a list of benefits that are associated with the Chevrolet Military Discount Program:

The discount is mainly made available on Silverado 1500 WT Double Cab model and it includes the following:

  • Unique Naval Inspired Graphics
  • 20” Black Aluminium Wheels
  • 1WT Blackout Edition content
  • Black Bowties
  • Bed-mounted Sport Bar with Special Ops signature
  • Deep-tinted windows
  • Sport Assist Steps
  • Spray-in bed liner
  • All-terrain tires

Chevrolet and its dealers in their best efforts to give back the men of the U.S. Military troupe are offering a line of benefits as their line of duty. With this, Chevrolet has inspired many other automakers to follow their path.

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