Four Ways To Make Your Old Car Feel Newer


With money being a bit tight for many people at the moment, finding the funds to purchase a new car can be nigh on impossible. However, with motoring technology as excellent as it is, it’s not necessary to get rid of your current car when it’s likely that it still has tens of thousands of miles worth of life left with the right care and attention given to it.

Instead, it’s possible to give your current car a new lease of life by carrying out some simple and relatively inexpensive modifications and clean-ups.

1) Extensive valet (inside and out)

This is a bit more than just running your car through the car wash and vacuuming the seats and floors in the car. Instead, you will need to get all of the upholstery shampooed and scrubbed, with seats being taken out to get to all of the crumbs that will have slipped underneath. If you don’t fancy doing this yourself then it is worth getting it professionally done. The outside will also need a proper shampoo, wash and polish while giving the parts under the bonnet a good clean can really make the car feel ‘as good as new’. Add a new air freshener or spray ‘new car’ scent inside to add the finishing touches.

2) Repair damaged paintwork

Over time the car’s paintwork can be damaged, either by scuffs from other vehicles, trolleys in the supermarket car park, or even just stones and other loose objects hitting the car at speed when driving along. Getting things like bumper repairs, scratch removal or other paintwork touched up to remove any unsightly damage can help to make you feel differently about a car that has previously shown its age through wear and tear.

3) Update the electronics

While car engines and other parts are built to last, the same cannot necessarily be said for its electronics and entertainment system. The rapid pace which technology develops means that even a car which is a few years old could have an outdated sound system. So if you want to feel like you are in a newer car whilst in the cockpit, making the investment to install a new system could be a far cheaper option than getting a different car. Try looking into those which have iPod/MP3 player connectivity, as well as Bluetooth compatibility.

4) Get new tyres

When it comes to tyres, cheapening out shouldn’t be an option for you. As these four pieces of rubber are the only thing connecting the car to the ground, if they are a higher quality you will notice a far superior ride quality and the overall driving experience will be far greater. If you want a new look for your car, why not try something with larger wheels and a thinner depth to give a sportier appearance? Of course, this kind of modification doesn’t come cheap, but it can instantly enhance the look and feel of your car.

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