Genesis G80 – A LUxury Mid-Size Vehicle At Reasonable Price


There are numerous mid-size sedans in the market. However, Genesis G80 still stands apart from the rest due to various factors such as elegant exterior, several engine options, reasonable pricing, and more. So, when you are in Riverside Genesis dealership, ensure taking a look at this luxury mid-size sedan. It is better than most of its rivals and at a lesser price. 

Take a look at why this is the best affordable luxury mid-size sedan in the market!

Price of G80 trims 

Three trims are available for Genesis G80; it consists of 3.8L that costs $43,545, 3.3T Sport at $56,745, and 5L Ultimate is priced at $58,495. Looking at the prices, it is not hard for an individual to understand that it definitely costs less than most luxury mid-size sedans. People looking for the best high-performance model along with numerous features opt for either the 3.3T Sport or 5L Ultimate model. 

These two variants are equipped with remarkable engines that enhance the performance of the car and provide drivers with ultimate pleasure and ride comfort. Moreover, the 3.8L might be missing some of the features like suspension with sports tune-up, all-weather control, interior carbon-fibre trim, ventilated and heated seats, wireless charging, sports seats, and more. 

Moreover, no additional packages are available except a person will just need to choose the exterior colour as well as interior colour, which would be either black or grey. 

Intriguing engine choices 

Every 2020 Genesis G80 is equipped with automatic 8-speed transmission for either FWD or AWD drivetrain. The 3.8L base variant comes with a V6 engine that one might feel underwhelming sometimes. However, the other two offer remarkable options like Sport comes fitted with V6 twin-turbo that offers more than just a substantial amount of power to the vehicle. The Ultimate model is equipped with a V8 5L engine that is most powerful of the lot and is more refined. 

The standard option is tuned for ideal comfort and also is composed. In addition, it has a well-damped suspension that aids in offering a relaxing drive for all even when driving on irregular roads. Every trim of this vehicle has appropriate control, and driving one will make one enjoy the harmony and balance. 

This luxury mid-size sedan provides drivers with 18 mpg in a city and 26 mpg on the highway. The numbers are more or less similar to cars of this segment; however, most are priced higher than this machine. When one is in Riverside Genesis dealership showroom, he/she can gather more details. 

Infotainment and interior

High quality materials are used for creating the interior. Hence, even the base model gives off a comprehensive luxury vibe. Leather seats, spacious cabin and more make this vehicle’s interior one of the best in this category. 

Also, 9.2 or 8-inch touchscreen display is available for handling the infotainment system. Intuitive interface, Bluetooth connectivity, smartphone integration, etc. are just a few of the features that one can enjoy. 

All these shows Genesis is considered a luxury mid-size sedan that can be purchased at an affordable price. Now, simply book one before it is too late! 

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