Green Options Of The 2019 Hyundai Sonata Lineup


Hyundai has arranged the lineup of 2019 Sonata with a handful of green options that offers both hybrid and plug in hybrid options, each further divided in two trim levels. With these green options, Hyundai once again proved its sense of responsibility towards the planet, taking a bolder step to keep it green and fresh. 

2019 Green Car Lineup of Sonata 

The lineup seems quite interesting with its own set of features enabled in each of these trims, ensuring capacity and range to be distributed the same way as the price tags are. So, if you drop at any Hyundai showroom like the Glassboro Hyundai dealer, the catalogue will show you the 2019 Hyundai Sonata in Hybrid SE, Hybrid Limited, Plug-in Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid Limited trims.

Power Pack for the Hybrid Models

All the 2019 editions of Sonata Hybrid and Plug-In Hybrids run on a pair of batteries and motors that use a 2.0-liter inline-4 engine to achieve the best possible fuel economy even after producing 154 hp while the 38-kilowatt electric motor adds to it a range of 51-hp. To mate the engine a 6-speed automatic transmission is engaged. So in totality, every Sonata green vehicle would serve you a 193 count of horsepower that is at the higher end of its segment record. A 1.6-kwh lithium-ion battery is also stored under the trunk floor for extra power.

Power Pack for the Plug-in Hybrid Models

The Plug-In Hybrid models of Sonata are given the power of high-capacity 9.8-kwh battery, that can carry a weight of 3,800 pounds which is 270 units more than the hybrids. The Sonata Plug-in Hybrid can fetch better fuel economy rates counting more than 41 mpg covering up to 27 miles of distance purely on the battery-only mode. The 2019 Sonata Plug-in Hybrid models can be recharged in 9 hours if you use a household outlet and can get fully charged in only 3 hours if you put it on a 240-volt outlet. 

The Mechanism Used

The batteries and motors used for the Sonata hybrid models are made to provide an extra amount of torque for the gas engine, while the motor keeps recharging the batteries as and when you apply the brakes. 

The integration is smooth. Thanks to the conventional gears of the automatic transmission that is capable of bringing back the traditional drive thrills in comparison to the CVT-style drone driven hybrid cars of other brands that make you feel detached from the act of driving. Hyundai has engineered all the green models of Sonata offering the shut off feature when they reach the speeds above 75 mph just to make sure a “sail” mode takes over to maintain the high fuel efficiency.

Features of Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid Models

At the Glassboro Hyundai dealership, we were shown the 2019 Hyundai Sonata Green Lineup of Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid Models packed with hordes of lucrative features. The SE and SEL trim models get large sized mirrors, while the Sonata Hybrid Limited eases you out with a hands-free trunk release. The Plug-In Hybrids come with a power driver seat, an in-built navigation, heated front seats and the Limited comes all-inclusive of these features.

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