Hot Weather Motorcycle Riding Gear


Gone are the days when I thought that global warming was a Chinese hoax. Nowadays, I can’t help noticing how it is bloody hot outside than it used to be. However, I still have to enjoy riding my motorcycle though in a more prepared and gear savvy.

You need to stay cool in hot weather by covering yourself from head to toe in loose-fitting clothes. The clothes should allow air to flow from your ankles to shoulders without restrictions. Here are some of the best gears that you need to grab during hot weather.


A heavy, uncomfortable, non-ventilated helmet can be a burden on a hot day. However, there are several lightweight and well-ventilated helmets available today. Besides, modern helmets provide value-added features such as comfort, protection, and convenience.

For example, helmets with carbon fiber or containing a hybrid of fiberglass can be light, providing maximum protection, continuous ventilation and allows you to install Bluetooth communications gear. To purchase this, I recommend you look at an online shop selling motorcycle parts as they offer high-quality products at pocket-friendly prices.


When planning to ride on a hot day, I consider wearing the base layer options for maximum protection and comfort. In cold riding conditions, the base layer provides increased warmth. Base layers made of modern materials prevent outer garments from binding, thus wicking sweat away from the body. This makes you more comfortable and ensures sufficient circulation of air. Woodcraft Stay Dry Riding Shirt and Cortech Quickdry Air Undersuit are some examples of the base layers.


Sweaty palms aren’t appealing to many riders. On a hot day, they would prefer riding without gloves despite the risk resulting in laceration injuries to the unprotected hands. Today several gloves offer strong protection and comfort.

One of the best designs that I use is an all-leather palm and inner finger surfaces accompanied by a gel form padding. Some can be perforated for ventilation purposes or can be mixed with textile. The glove makers need some creativity to ensure that the gloves’ backside performs its purpose; it’s well ventilated, more appealing, and protective.

My glove has an adjustable wrist closure to ensure that it does not come out when I need it most. A hook-and-loop closure wrist strap may be the most appropriate one if worn correctly. Some of the best gloves that I would advise are Castle Steewear Sport Mesh gloves, REV’IT! Neutron 2 gloves and IXS Talure II gloves.

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