How Good A Travel Partner Can The 2020 Ford Explorer Make?


If you are a passionate traveler who is always keen to discover unknown destinations by road, then you must be a good appreciator of vehicles that will support you everywhere you drive through? Then we want you to take a look at the newly released 2020 Ford Explorer and let us know if you find it to be a good travel partner on wheels, just the way you expected. We have gathered some basic information and opinion from several quarters on this model and have also test driven the 2020 Ford Explorer at the showroom of the Imperial Ford dealer. Our experience with the latest Explorer was indeed an eye-opener as we found it the one we were looking for, and that was inspiring enough to share our experience here. But we would also like to know your opinion as well, on the same.

Meeting Expectations

At the first instance, we found the 2020 Ford Explorer as a capable mid-size family SUV that is meant to meet the needs of taking people to different places, irrespective of the driving conditions it drives through.  After its first major curse of redesign, Ford has enabled the Explorer series models to join the mainstream segment of mid-size family SUV and now it is standing in the first row of most wanted models in its class. 

The 2020 model year version of the Ford Explorer offers all its trims in an attractive exterior design that silently raises the expectation of an excellent ride and meets it every time you take it out of the parking slot. Its handling gets the driver accustomed to the vehicle within the first few minutes of drive while its well-appointed and well-decorated interior keeps the passengers comfortable and happy till the end of the journey and brings them back with a smile. 

Changes Done for the 2020 Year Lineup

The 2020 Explorer now offers a fresh platform of drivetrains that includes the rear-wheel-drive with a weight drop of 200-pound on its base models in comparison to its last year versions. 

On the powerline front, a new generation of turbo-4 engine and a couple of V-6 engines are ushered into the lineup to power most of the trim levels and a 10-speed automatic transmission is assigned to pair them all, among which the turbo V-6 engine cranks the highest horsepower counting 400.

Four-wheel drive along with a multi-mode driving system is set as the driving dynamics to handle h off-road-oriented drives that also can be clubbed with the towing modes for most of the models of the lineup. 

Irrespective of the engine choice you drive with, every 2020 model of the Ford Explorer will deliver a ride that will consistently feel soft even on harshest of road surfaces, while its intelligent driving dynamics will soak up all the road imperfections to keep you comfortable inside the cabin that will shut off the world to create a serene ambience inside.

To know which of the Ford Explorer can suit your driving spirit the best possible way, take a test ride with each of them at any showroom of the Ford dealer near Imperial, and share with us your experience. 

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