How To Get Cash For Scrapping Your Old Unused Car!


If you have an old car which you may never use in the future, you can opt for scrapping the car to get the best financial return on it. In the UK, you can sell car for scrap by getting in touch with a reputed scrap car company. Such companies make the process of scrapping a car easy for their customers by providing an online valuation tool which is quick and convenient to use.

The biggest advantage of the online valuation tool offered by scrap car companies is that when you decide to sell car for scrap, you can easily find out the best price you can get for your old, ELV (end of life vehicle). Scrap car companies can give you a free quote for your old car instantly, after you fill out some details including the car’s model and its registration and your postcode.

Upon getting the quote for selling your used car for scrap, you can either ask the scrap car company to collect your car from your place at a time convenient to you, or, alternatively, you can drop off your car at the company’s nearest branch office. The expert customer-service team at the scrap car companies are capable of handling all the official DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) paperwork related to the scrapping of an old car.

However, you should be aware beforehand that the documents you would have to present to the scrap car company to which you are selling your old car include the following:

  • the car’s V5 registration document
  • the car’s service history and MOT certificate
  • financial settlement letter, if it applies to your case.

Moreover, you must also know that the process of scrapping a car in the UK means that you have to prove to the governing authority that you will not henceforth be responsible for the car which you have sold for scrapping purposes. Hence, you will also require a Certificate of Destruction from the scrap car company to which you have sold your old car.

The experts at scrap car companies ensure that you face no hassles during the entire process of selling your old/used car or ELV. Most of these companies pay you money for your old car and ensure that the car is responsibly recycled at their recycling centres.

Since scrap car companies generally try to recycle almost all old cars, the price that you can anticipate to get from them while scrapping your car is calculated on the basis of a number of factors. Some of these factors are:

  • the make and age of the car
  • the estimated weight of the car
  • the supply-demand situation in the scrap metal market
  • the expected value and use of the salvageable parts of the car.

Overall, if you want to get the maximum value from a car which you can no longer use, you can get it scrapped. However, when you are considering the option to sell car for scrap, you can also choose to donate your car to charity, or you can simply give your car away for free, so that you are no longer responsible for it!

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