How To Properly Manage Business Fleet Vehicles


For those of you that are unfamiliar with the term, fleet vehicles are quite simply defined as vehicles owned by the company and used exclusively for business by the employees. Typical examples of fleet vehicles are all around you – from post delivery trucks, public utility vehicles and taxi companies to car rentals and police cars. The philosophy behind the term is not complicated, but the minutia of managing business fleet vehicles can be quite intricate.  If you are new to this concept, here’s how to properly manage business fleet vehicles.

Policies are the cornerstone

Society functions because clear lines are drawn between what is allowed and what is forbidden. This broad and appropriately flexible set of rules is embodied in law and it is what makes engagement with society orderly. The same goes for fleet vehicles – you have to establish a set of rules or policies which your employees will follow. This is the cornerstone of managing business fleet vehicles.

These rules fulfill several important roles. Since vehicles are expensive and complex machines, it establishes a sense of ownership and authority. This, in extension, places a certain level of responsibility on the drivers. They need to take care of the vehicle, make sure the interior and exterior are clean and presentable. Remember: the aesthetic appearance of the vehicle is just as important as its functional role if you plan to increase the reputation of your business!

The points of trust between you and the drivers

Furthermore, one of the most important items on the list of your policies should regard technical problems and malfunctions. In other words, you should establish clearly that the drivers have to report any type of technical difficulty, complication or malfunction directly linked to the vehicle’s performance, and they should do it as soon as they notice anything suspicious so the appropriate repairs can be arranged.  

Take necessary precautions

If using fleet vehicles is an inseparable part of your company, you should take necessary precautions in order to prevent inconveniences that can cause your business to suffer. For example, you or your drivers should never risk getting locked out of the vehicle! Situations such as this happen on a daily basis to pretty much everyone, especially in heavily urbanized areas such as Sydney, and you are not an exception.

Thankfully, your search for a cheap car key duplicate does not have to be an overly complicated process. By establishing a reliable relationship with a professional car locksmith that has a good reputation around town, you will secure your fleet vehicles and make sure the business never suffers, especially if you are on a tight schedule.  

Use technology to your advantage

Management in general has become somewhat easier due to the development of specific technologies and applications that streamline the process. For example, you can use telematics for your business fleet vehicles. Telematics is, in a way, an umbrella term – a cross section between numerous fields that includes vehicle-related technologies, road transportation and safety, as well as telecommunication and computer science.

For the purposes of your business, you can find a program that logs the activities of your employees while they are using the vehicle. This gives you a very important advantage: you will have an opportunity to show objective information that does not discriminate in case of some managerial issues and HR problems. Of course, one hopes that no situation comes down to that.

There is an additional benefit to such applications and programs. The performance of each employee can be tracked and the results can be used to motivate them. For example, you can create incentives and benefits for drivers based on clearly outlined parameters. A driver that keeps the cost of repairs to a minimum and does so consistently for several months can get a bonus or a raise. The system of rewards will motivate drivers to take better care of the vehicles. This, in turn, directly feeds back into easier fleet vehicle management and everybody wins.

Fleet vehicles are just as essential to many professions as properly arranged headquarters. They are also more than simple tools to conduct your business efficiently. If you play your cards right, you can turn your fleet vehicles into mobile advertisements for your company, and if you conduct your business diligently, they will become a staple of undeniable quality. Managing fleet vehicles becomes undeniably intensive, but also more profitable as they become harbingers of your company’s excellence.

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