How To Renew Your Expired Tata AIG Two-Wheeler Insurance?


With the online presence of almost all the major insurance companies, renewing your bike insurance is no more a matter of weeks. Everything is now available online and this task can now be accomplished quickly and easily. In addition to this, many insurance companies are also expanding their network of branches covering the far-located areas to provide easy access to customers through their old and trusted method of renewing the insurance in their branches. In case your insurer happens to be Tata AIG, you do not have to worry at all.

Easy Steps for renewal of Expired TATA AIG two-wheeler insurance:

Get the vehicle surveyed first:

The first step to begin your insurance renewal is to get the inspection done for your vehicle. The surveyor will ascertain any pre-existing damages and do the valuation of the vehicle. Depending on the extent of the damage already present, the company may deny or permit the renewal excluding the damaged part. You may be charged a basic inspection fee as per the company policy.

Purchase the policy:

As soon as the inspection is complete, you are required to purchase the policy. Most of the companies allow a period of 24 hours within which you have to purchase the insurance for your vehicle. You can also purchase the policy online as per your convenience.

Point to note: No Claim Bonus (NCB)

In case of a policy lapse, you may have to forego your NCB if the expiry period is more than 90 days. This could prove to be a major loss for you as NCB offers a significant discount in case of a clean driving history.

Different mode of renewing your expired Tata AIG Two Wheeler Insurance Policy

If your Tata AIG two-wheeler insurance has expired and you wish to renew it in a convenient and cost effective manner, you can choose any of the below mentioned options: 

Online Renewal

You can simply visit the website of Tata AIG insurance company and browse to the two-wheeler insurance section. There you can follow the simple steps to fill in all the necessary details of your vehicle. Ensure that you select the expired policy option  and furnish any further details. You may be required to enter your personal and contact details. In addition, it will ask you for your expired policy details, hence you should keep all the documents handy with you.

You can try and change the IDV of your two-wheeler. IDV is a value that is set by the bike owner and is the minimum sum insured that you can get in case of any claim. After entering all the details, you can proceed to read thoroughly the terms and conditions of the two-wheeler insurance policy and then make the payment. Purchasing this policy online is just a matter of few minutes and can be done at ease. The best part is that your money is absolutely safe with Tata AIG and the policy document would be mailed to you instantly within seconds! . The insurer also sends a hard copy of the policy for your reference.

Branch office Renewal

Another very commonly followed method of renewing your expired Tata AIG two-wheeler insurance policy is to visit your insurance company office or insurance agent with whom you purchased it the previous year. Although, old fashioned, many people still prefer this option than  online renewal due to habitual behaviour. The process is quite simple and easy to follow. You need all the documents ready with you in hard copy format to submit it to the agent. You may have to personally visit the agent to submit all the previous policy documents, filled in application form and finally make the payment.

In case of a cash payment, the policy is prepared instantly and handed over to you.  However, in case of a cheque payment, the policy can only be delivered only  once the insurer received the payment.

Using Mobile Apps

This is the latest and most popular modes of renewal amongst the youths. Most of the young drivers who are tech-savvy and have high usage of mobile phone prefer to buy insurance on mobile phones. If you are not averse to using mobile phones as a payment platform, you can either visit the mobile website of Tata AIG or download their mobile app for easy usage. The process of renewing the policy on the mobile app is quite similar like doing it on a laptop except that it is much more portable. You can do it at your convenience while travelling or when you are outside.

Similar to online insurance renewal, you will be required to key in important insurance details such as policy number in case of expired policy, date of expiry, year of manufacture etc. It is important to cross-verify all the details before submitting the information. Later on, you can make the payment post which TATA AIG will email you the policy document for your reference.

Additional Help

At any stage, if the process is not clear to you, you can easily call the Tata AIG two wheeler insurance customer care team and explain them the exact situation. You may tell them about the expired policy and other details. This team of professionals will then assist you in your application of renewal. Many a times, they may even go ahead and pre-fill the details on your behalf.

The process of renewing your Tata AIG two-wheeler insurance policy has become extremely simple with the advent of technology and internet.

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