How You Can Secure Your Two-Wheeler With Insurance For Better Commute


While having a two-wheeler is considered to be the best possible option for a daily commute, it is also the most prone to accidents. Indian roads make riders vulnerable to unfavorable situations like sudden accidents and mishaps. Thus, the government has made a law making it compulsory for each bike owner to buy  two wheeler insurance for the purpose of financial security.

Buying a two-wheeler insurance is exceptionally important as it safeguards the bike owner as well as the bike from various accidents, disasters and unfortunate situations depending upon the coverage of the policy. It also offers coverage from sudden unanticipated events like theft, personal accident, third party liabilities, and many other things. A two-wheeler insurance is an investment that will not disappoint you. It will always be beneficial for you and your bike.

Bik insurance is of two kinds. One is a third party liability cover and the other is a comprehensive policy. A comprehensive policy includes a biker’s own damage coverage as well as his liability, whereas a third-party liability coverage provides coverage to a third party and his/her property. The government has made it mandatory for a rider to acquire a third party two-wheeler insurance.

What Does A Bike Insurance Policy Cover?

Bike insurance policies provide coverage for the different requirements of the riders. These two-wheeler insurance policies delineate protection against any type of damage to your bike and any lesion to the rider or their accompaniment. Third party two wheeler insurance and personal accident cover are the two most significant types of two-wheeler insurance policies.

Where to Look for The Best Bike Insurance Plan?

The best place to search for the bike insurance plan is online. The internet is vast and brings to you ready information at any given time, no matter where you are in the world. You can buy a two-wheeler insurance online at any time and avoid the nuisance of visiting insurance offices. As everything is done online, right from registration to purchasing and payments; the entire process is highly convenient and time-saving. Paperless documentation makes the process faster and hassle-free. Another major advantage is that since online two wheeler insurances are done quickly, these digitally processed policies are issued very fast.

Benefits of Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy:

  • Shields your bike: The primary objective of buying a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance online or offline is to gain the coverage it provides for your bike against any accident, theft, natural calamity or any other unforeseen event. It provides coverage for partial loss as well as complete loss of the vehicle. The insurance policy recompenses the cost of the destruction caused to your bike as well as the third party’s property.
  • Third party liability coverage: This covers the cost due to the damages caused by the insured vehicle to another vehicle. It also provides coverage to the third party that goes through injuries due to the same.                                     
  • Garage amenity: If your bike breaks down or stops working suddenly, insurance companies have garages where the insured can service his or her bike cashless.
  • Protects riders: Whoever the rider is if he or she is a part of the accident, irrespective whether he or she is the policyholder or not; will receive coverage through the insurance policy.                                                 
  • No-claim bonus: If you don’t make a claim with your two-wheeler insurance policy, your no-claim bonus will get collected over the period of time and as a result of this you will receive outstanding discounts on your premiums.     

You can renew your two-wheeler insurance in the easiest way. Compare plans online and check what is most affordable and convenient for you. Renew your two-wheeler insurance without any documentation and inspection, at absolutely no cost and it is issued very quickly.             

These are the most significant benefits that you will be entitled to once you purchase a two-wheeler insurance policy. You can secure your bike by this and avail all the extra benefits like zero depreciation if you pay additional premiums, permanent disability benefits, and so on.  All these characteristics will assist you in making optimum use of your bike insurance as well as protect yourself from additional financial burden.

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