Know About Bulletproof Car Manufacturing Process


In the typical type of armored car, the passenger compartment has the lightweight composite armors that are protective to all sorts of handgun and submachine gun munitions. The two types of armors that are used in the armoring process are the opaque ones and the transparent ones.  The transparent armors are used in the windows of the car and they have the dense layered ballistic glass laminated to make a strong inner space having the polycarbonate material. The opaque armor is the lightweight composite armor made with the help of the hard ballistic steel. After the vehicle becomes armored, it actually resembles the factory result.

There are various companies in these days that help in making the armored vehicle in the right manner. Before, choosing the right company becomes the important factor. You should choose the one that is having a good reputation in the market and also has various clients. You can check the website of the organizations so that you can get a clear idea of the working and the services offered by them.

Here, on the blog, we will describe the manufacturing process of the armored car-

  1. The most important step in manufacturing the bulletproof car is to cover the vehicle with the protective tape. This step is very necessary as it offers the tough surface covering.
  2. Then, the interior of the vehicle is totally dismantled to expose the frame. All the interior parts of the car get removed and assigned various other parts in the vehicle so that nothing can be misplaced.
  3. The next process is continued by measuring the floor, firewall, ceiling, and doors of the car. This enables the car manufacturer to construct the pieces of the ballistic material that is needed to cover the areas. This material prevents the metal fragments to enter the passenger compartment.
  4. In this step, the expert removes the fuel tank to protect the car from the ballistic nylon and provide the water-resistant coating.
  5. The next step involves cutting the shield that is installed on each floor and post. The shield is also given the rear seats to offer extra protection to the passengers.

At last, the battery and the other parts are covered. So, the bulletproof car is being ready to drive.

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