Latest Technologies In Volkswagen Cars


The Volkswagen Electric Research Laboratory (ERL) came to the limelight for developing revolutionary technologiesto enhance on road driving experience with a Volkswagen car. Other than launching self-driven and self-parked vehiclesthey are now busy to develop advanced technologies to apply in different sectors of the vehicles.

Experts from the Moreno Valley Volkswagen shared with us the latest information on the list of things that are awaiting to be used by people who would drive the latest releases from Volkswagen.

Connected Cars

Volkswagenhas come up with a new technology with the hope thatwould be able to connect the cars traveling on the road. The motto of this technology is to help the traffic flow faster and smoother by making the cars communicate with one another regarding the latest functions. This is to say that one car would let the other cars know about the traffic and road conditions of a certain road, its ongoing hazards or if there is any route diversion that has taken place, and more.

Traffic Jam Pilot

The Traffic Jam Pilot made its way in 2016 with the next-gen A8 production model. This tech implies a complete control of the system on the car whenever it speeds up to 64kph while driving through traffic jams.

Consistent of multiple laser sensors, scanners, ultrasonic and stereo cameras to perform accurate detections and the HD maps it gets to know what is awaiting aheadeven if the camera views get blocked by other cars.

Autonomous Parking

In 2016, the Autonomous Parking feature started parking the VW carsall bythemselves into aproperparking place the moment it can find one. Connecting the car with the driver’s smartphone, it generates and sends information about the parking situations and let the driver make an instant decision of aborting the maneuvering if there is any issue.

Steering wheel mounted touchpads

Though this technology is yet in itsdevelopmental stages, it aims at making the Touchpads work in a certain way. The touchpads would be ideally mounted on the either sides of the steering wheel and helps the driver to access it easily so that he can input the commands using the thumbs without any struggle.

The iBeetle App

The iBeetle App as shown by the Moreno Valley Volkswagen dealership, is another step towards advancement offering full iPhone integration to the latest Volkswagen Beetle model. The app would dock into the car and activate functions like the ability to tweet and post on Facebook while on the move.Even pictures can be taken and directly uploaded to the Facebook.It would also be able to record the driving logs and data collected during thetime of driving with the roof down and can be uploaded again to any social media platform.

The Photo Souvenir

This refers to a technology that shows that the car can beconverted into a learning machine. The four GoPro cameras that would be mounted on the car would keep takingsnaps every five seconds. The idea is making the car do the job of the driver of choosing the best ones possible from the entire lot of photos and upload them on social media.

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