Mercedes Biome – Mega Concept


Mercedes Biome concept is 6 years old, but its design is still actual and modern and we think that it will be the same even 10 years from now.

Biome was presented for the first time back in 2010, during the Los Angeles Auto Show. The supercar was created by the Mercedes design studio in California, with Hubert Lee’s signature on it. Yes, the same Hubert Lee that is the author of F 800 Style and CLS.

The concept car has managed to impress the audience at the design contest with its UFO-alike design, with a structure that seems to be made out of something liquid. But the weird design is not the highlight of the car, in spite of what most of you would think.

Biome has an amazing weight of only 394 kg. This weight became possible due to the bio-fibers, obtained from plants grown in laboratories, with natural biological methods.

Moreover, in spite of the respectful length of 4 meters, Biome is compact. The car is 2.5 meters wide, leaving enough space for the designers to play with the aerodynamic details.

4 people can fit in the car, but not in the manner that we got used to. The designers place the driver right in the middle of the concept car, while there are 2 seats in his back and one more central seat in the back of the middle positioned passengers.

Would you like Mercedes to produce Biome?

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