Protecting Your Honda From The Elements With a PPF Kit


“You meet the nicest people on a Honda” That used to be their slogan back in the early days of the motorcycle manufacturer and although it may or may not hold true today, Honda owners are some of the most fanatical about their bikes appearance. Sometimes to the point that when you show up to a local Honda owners gathering, you will usually see about a dozen or so riders in the parking lot polishing their bikes before the next ride.

Keeping your Honda, or any bike for that matter, clean and new looking is a job in itself. Sure, there are a lot of specialized cleaning products that make the job easier, but what if you didn’t have to clean it as often and still have your pride and joy Honda looking good as new? I am talking about paint protection film (PPF) and, chances are, there is a paint protection film kit made just for your Honda waiting for you to apply it right now.

Paint protection films are designed to protect your bike’s paint from harmful road debris, Mother Nature and human error or negligence. With everything the world has to throw at you, having a little extra protection isn’t such a bad idea.

Take sun damage, for instance. We all know what the power of the sun can do to your skin, but think for a moment what it can do to your Honda’s paint. It can weather it, make it look faded and age it prematurely. A quality paint protection film can prevent that and keep your Honda shiny and bright for many years to come.

We also have to protect our paint from bug splatter. In every part of the country, no matter where you ride, bugs will be there to coat your bike on those cool night rides. The next thing you know, you wake up in the morning and you bike looks like that sticky fly paper; time to start scrubbing and hope that none of that toxic looking bug juice did any damage to your paint. Or, you can use a paint protection film and watch as those bugs just wash away without leaving any harmful traces.

With everything that can harm your Honda’s paint, doesn’t it make sense to use paint protection film? It doesn’t cost much and can save your expensive factory paint job from needing an early restoration.

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