Signs You Need Auto Repair


When your engine light came on the other day, your car recorded a diagnostic trouble code (DTC). When you bring it into the garage, mechanics check the code and base the repair estimates on the report. However, your engine light might not come on when repairs are needed, and you need to know the important signs that your car might be in trouble.

When you step on them, do your brakes feel unresponsive or stiff? Do they let out an unusual squealing sound? In the case of the former, it may very well be your pedals are in need of repair. However, both signs together signify that your brake pads are worn out. Regular brake pad replacement is necessary for your safety, as thin brake pads can compromise your brakes.

Eroded Spark Plugs

As you drive, coats of carbon impair the metal on the electrodes of your spark plugs. After so long, the erosion will reduce the plug’s ability to ignite the fuel/air mixture in your car. This will reduce your car’s overall efficiency over time. Regular replacements will not only keep your car running effectively but also save you money, as good spark plugs increase petrol use per kilometre. Wiltshire garage services are available throughout the year to help determine your repair needs.

Uneven Driving

If you began to notice that your rides were rougher than usual, you might need to look at your shock absorbers. Driving off-road is one thing, but if your car cannot drive down long stretches of smooth road without throwing you about, your shock absorbers and other suspension components are the likely cause.

Check your springs, also, as they can be damaged if you regularly overload your car. They are usually very durable, but it would not hurt to have a garage service take a look. Whatever your repair needs, you must heed the signs if you want to keep yourself and those driving with you on the road safe.

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