The Benefits Of Reconditioned Transmissions


If your car is experiencing transmission problems, you may want to consider having your transmission reconditioned instead of purchasing an entirely new one. Many auto repair specialists will offer to replace your transmission with a brand new one when that may not be necessary. In fact, most transmissions can be rebuilt by simply replacing the damaged parts while keeping the working parts of the transmission in place. Here are some of the benefits of having your transmission repaired instead of replaced entirely.


Transmission repairs can be very costly because often a new transmission can be just as expensive as replacing the entire engine of your car. This can be avoided by simply replacing the damaged parts of your transmission with either new or used parts. You can save money this way, because you are only paying for the parts you need, while keeping the others intact. Not only will this save you money on expensive parts, but it also will work just as well as a new transmission if repaired properly.

Also, having your transmission reconditioned rather than replaced will save you time, because it is usually a lot quicker than installing a brand new transmission. It usually takes seven to ten days to order and install and brand new transmission, while having one reconditioned can usually be done in half that time.

Trust the Experts

Having your transmission reconditioned requires expert mechanics in order to ensure that everything works properly. There are many great garage services in Kent and the surrounding area that specialise in reconditioned transmissions. These garages will not only repair and test your transmission, but also replace the transmission fluid and chemically clean the transmission parts before reassembling them. This will not only ensure that your transmission is in full working order, but will also prevent and delay future maintenance.

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