The True Enthusiasts Dream: Ducati Turns Up The Style


When people see me on my bike, I often get asked why I choose to ride a Ducati.  The answers I could give are near endless but I will give a rundown of my top reasons why I’m in love with the brand.

First off, a little bit of background knowledge about Ducati.  Produced in Italy since around 1926, the company employs some 1,300 people and they are all highly trained professionals and enthusiasts.  Motorcycles are all Ducati makes, aside from of course, accessories and apparel to match.  Ducati’s are not your run of the mill everyday bike.  They are an enthusiast offering and are high-performance all around.  They also have a price to match, which makes owning one that much more enjoyable.  Like Ferrari is to cars, Ducati is to motorcycles.

Pure Riding Enjoyment & Speed

If you see one in person, you can tell right away that they are performance machines.  I mean they just look fast!  Unless the rider is a real daredevil, maxing out the performance on one of these machines is near impossible, especially on the street.  Boasting 0-60mph times of less than 3 seconds, these bikes just scream off the line.  Luckily they have the handling and brakes to match, enabling the rider to reign in the power and slice corners like a knife through butter.  One ride is all it takes to fall in love with the Italian passion that has gone into each and every one of the models.

Style Through Immaculate Design

What really sets Ducati’s aside from other manufacturers is the attention to detail in every subtle curve of the frame.  The bikes are not meant to look flashy and don’t sport over-the-top decorations.  All you get is functional design and that’s just so sexy.

Racing Heritage

The company has a long racing history and has more wins than you can shake a stick at.  Specifically, the Ducati 916 is a legend on the circuit, with over 13 superbike titles to its name.  The racing division “Ducati Corse” is dedicated to winning and competes in the MotoGP and Superbike World Championship series.  The current bikes that compete are the Ducati Desmosedici GP15 in MotoGP and the Ducati 1199 Panigale R in the SBK.

Customer Support, Parts Availability and Enthusiast Groups

Ducati not only build the most sought after motorcycles but they also know a thing or two about taking care of their customers.  Warranty programs, access to dealers and Ducati parts are all global meaning any issues that arise do not turn into major headaches.  Furthermore, Ducati boasts immense online communities and enthusiast groups with over 400 Ducati clubs worldwide.  Owning one of these machines grants you access to exclusive clubs where you can mingle with like-minded enthusiasts.  I live in Kentucky and do all my Ducati shopping at Commonwealth Motorcycles.  This Ducati store has the best selection of bikes and has stood by me time and time again through my years as an enthusiast.

Anytime I’m asked for a recommendation I don’t hesitate, even for a second.  I just tell them Ducati.  No matter which model suits your personal style, you can’t go wrong when you’re riding with the best.

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