Tips For Women: Buying Your First Motorcycle


Motorcycles are becoming quite popular especially amongst women. More women are learning to ride these machines and are investing in them. Statistics from last year’s (2015) motorcycle ownership survey by the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) showed that motorcycle ownership had risen amongst women. 14% of the 9.2 million motorcycle owners in the US are women.

If you want to join the ranks of other women who enjoy the thrill of riding a bike, let the following tops guide as you seek to buy your first motorcycle.

Get experience

Riding motorcycles is a lot of fun. There is an immeasurable thrill of feeling the breeze as you ride. However, motorcycle riders can end up wrong. Motorcycles are less visible and less stable than cars even with their capabilities for high performance. Motorcyclists are 26 times more likely to die from an accident than passengers in a car.

It is therefore important to gain some experience in riding motorcycles before you set out to purchase one. This will help improve your skills and help you enjoy riding safely. Seek out a riding class to help you refresh your skills if you already have a license. If you don’t have a license, you’ll need to get one.

Your reason for riding

There are various types of motorcycles in the market. The best way to determine which motorcycle is best for you is to begin by establishing your primary reasons for riding. Some people ride for fun on the weekends while others use their bikes to commute to and from work.

You should also determine where you’ll be riding your bike. Will you ride on a tarmac road or on rough road most of the time? Will you be travelling long distances? Will you be carrying a passenger or other luggage?

Your budget

It isn’t a sin to drool over the latest high performance motorcycle in the market. However, you should purchase a motorcycle that you can afford. It’s a good idea to find out the average cost of a motorcycle and determine how much you can afford to spend on the bike.

Research motorcycle brands and types

There are various types of motorcycles manufactured by different companies. The internet is a treasure-trove of information. Consider the different bikes available in the market and their design. Consider the price and the application of the bike. Does it fit in with your needs? Is it within your budget?

A recent survey by Women Riders Now showed that 61% of women who own motorcycles opted for cruiser style motorcycles.

Other gear

When purchasing a motorcycle it is also important to add other gear to your purchase. You should consider safety gear such as helmets, gloves and riding jackets in your budget. These will help to not only enhance your riding experience but also improve your safety. 

Consider used

You can find used motorcycles that are much cheaper than new bikes and still in great condition. Be sure to inspect the bike before you purchase it.

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