Tools Every Car Owner Must Always Keep In Their Trunk


Trunks are not for shopping and grocery bags alone. They’re actually useful in storing car tools that you would need in case of emergencies.

A lot of drivers often forget or ignore purchasing their own car tools; however, if you’re in the habit of making long drives or if you’re using and old secondhand car, you definitely should. Compareemcasa reminds you to see this checklist before you actually hit the road.

  1.    Tools
  1.    Siphon pump

If your car will be running out of fuel and someone offers to share some of theirs with you, then a siphon pump can help you transfer it without any hassle.

  1.    Handy gas can

In case no one would stop to offer you some aid, walk to the nearest gas station and have your gas can filled.

  1.    First aid kit

Keeping a first aid kit is a must. If you know basic first aid, you can actually save yourself or other people.

  1.    Tire air gauge

The tools you put in your trunk must not solely be for emergency cases. Tire air gauge is intended for preventive maintenance. Use this to reduce risks of tire explosion.

  1.    Flashlight and extra batteries

In case your car breaks down at night and you thinks there are minor issues that need immediate fixing, having a flashlight on hand would help you check the problem.

  1.    Shovel

In cases your car gets stuck in mud or snow, a shovel would be a big help.

  1.    Reflective triangles

Reflective triangles will help you warn approaching drivers should you car suddenly breaks in the middle of the road.

  1.    Jumper cables

Jumper cables help you initiate a dead battery, that is if someone is good enough to help you.

  1.    Duct tape

This will help you hold damaged car parts together while your drive to the nearest repair shop.

  1.    Tire jack and tire iron

If your tire needs a quick change, a tire jack and tire iron will help you change it. Without these tools, your spare tire is totally of no use.

  1.    Other necessities
  1.    Blankets

It is better to be prepared than sorry. You’ll never know when and where your car will break. In which case, you might be spending a few hours inside the vehicle, and will be needing a blanket to keep yourself warm.

  1.    Bottled water

A single bottle of water can work wonders. Whether you are stuck somewhere with no food, water can be your substitute. It’ll keep you hydrated during a hot summer day when you’re stuck in traffic, too.

  1.    Energy snacks

Keeping ready-to-eat food and/or energy snacks can keep you hyped during a long ride.

  1.    Extra clothes

When you perform minor engine repairs, it’s normal to get dirty. In which case, spare clothes would be helpful.

  1.    Emergency phone and charger

In case of emergency, you should have having an extra phone with fully charged batteries. With it, you can contact emergency rescue units or other people who can help you.


Having these tools and items on your car would not make you a pessimist. In fact, thinking forward and being prepared will only help you overcome possible road tragedies.

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