Top 5 Low Speed Vehicles From ACG


The trend in America wherein the use of golf cars – or low speed vehicles (LSV) – has been around for almost a decade and it is just getting more and more popular especially with the communities near bodies of water. Low speed vehicles, or LSVs, are a class of 4-wheel vehicles that have a speed of around 25mph at max and a minimum of 20mph; the speed lets them qualify to be legal and to be allowed to travel on some public roads.

American Custom Golf Cars (ACG) is a company that specializes in customizing golf cars. Performance and aesthetics has come a long way for this company. In the state of New Jersey, looking good is a big thing. Let me correct myself, any place you go to, looking good is a must. However, not all places allow these sweet looking golf cars roll down the street but in a state like New Jersey, when you meet all the requirements, you can!

Since there are a lot of models from ACG, let me give you my two cents by giving you my top 5!

1. Moke

If you like 4×4 vehicles like the Jeep, the Moke is perfect for you. A charging station brought about by the on-board 12-volt converter for your gadgets. The motor of the Moke is strong enough to overcome hills and capable to exceed the market’s average WHILE CHARGING YOUR PHONE!

2.  39 Roadster

Going for the movie star vibe? The 39 Roadster is perfect for you! The 39 Roadster is a unique golf cart because it looks exactly like the luxury car it was named after – only it is not a luxury car; it is a low speed luxury golf car. Strolling around the resort has never looked this good.

3. T-Sport Limo

The T-Sport Limo can carry more than 2,000lbs. The rear brakes are different from the front to support the potential weight of more than four passengers. It may look like the usual golf car but it is way beyond that.

4. California Roadster

The California Roadster may seem purely aesthetic but this rockstar car is more than the “look”. The California Roadster is a low speed vehicle that can drive up to 50 miles straight in just one charge. Having this in the course will surely give you more confidence in your game.

5.  California Roadster Limo

Much like the California Roadster, this low speed vehicle is perfect for New Jersey beaches. As a low speed vehicle, this car has a 17.5HP motor which will surely accommodate all your cruising needs. Whether going out with friends or with your loved one for a picnic, rolling down the street with the California Roadster Limo will absolutely make people’s heads turn.

The American Custom Golf Cars will surely make your movie star dreams come true. Go on ahead and check them out!

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