Upcoming Car Shows


Across the United States, there are numerous major car shows. These shows allow you to see the amazing abilities of the auto industry and see cars that may never hit the streets. This is the perfect opportunity for any car enthusiast to enjoy the roar of an engine and the excitement of a new car that is roaring with power. Even if you can’t afford to buy one, this is the best time to get your adrenalin rush from the sound of tires screeching and engines growling. Keep your driving license number ready because you will have the once in a lifetime chance to drive some of the vehicles at this show.

Detroit Auto Show

Detroit is a city that is known for its car shows. The largest car show in Detroit happens in the Middle of January every year. To prevent overcrowding, this car show is spread over a week’s time and they isolate a specific day for the media to come in and check out the cars and take pictures.

Los Angeles Car Show

The Los Angeles Car show is at the end of November each year. It takes place at the Los Angeles Convention Center. This show highlights the various new cars that are released each year. The types of cars that are shown here are concept cars, alternative fuel cars, project cars, hybrids, and more. You will also have the advantage of being able to test drive these vehicles you may wish to purchase in the near future.

SEMA Auto Show

The SEMA auto show is held every year in the Las Vegas Convention Center. Unfortunately, this car show is unavailable to the public and is an industry only. This is an opportunity for those in the industry to attend educational seminars and build a network of alliances in the industry.

This is a great opportunity for car dealers to learn about the new vehicles that will be hitting the market and allows them to ask questions in relation to the new market standards.

Atlanta International Auto Show

The Atlanta International Auto Show happens at the end of March. This is a great opportunity to see various vehicles that are available from all manufacturers. It is also a great time to get a sneak peak at future models that companies plan to release.

While there is the ability to test drive some vehicles, they tend to avoid allowing the public to drive the future models.

Philadelphia International Auto Show

The Philadelphia International Auto Show is a great attraction for the whole family. Rather than being focused on sporting cars through manufacturers, dealers have a chance to show their line of vehicles. This gives you a great opportunity to test drive vehicles that you have been interested in, so make sure to have your drivinglicense renewal number handy. Not only is there a great selection of cars, they also bring in famous racers for you to meet.

Orange County Auto Show

Orange County Auto Show is an open event that allows you to test drive some of the best vehicles that are just hitting the line, as well as various exotic cars. You also have a great chance to talk to manufacturers, and those who are in the restoration market to get a better idea of what it takes to restore an older vehicle. This event is a must see for any car enthusiast.