Vehicle Sales In Qatar


In Qatar, you can see cars of all models and make, and you can see many models of a single manufacturer. Not only in Qatar but all over the UAE you can witness luxurious and expensive cars but used cars in Qatar owns a big part of market share too. These used cars are in good shape to use the road, and these have proper maintenance certificate also. Vehicles of many companies are used in Qatar, but the use of Toyota in Qatar is well known for their good reputation. Toyota cars have an affordable price range, and maintenance costs are low and these details are available at The elegant shapes of Toyota cars make their customer catch their eye pretty quickly. As far as resale value is counted for Toyota motors have pretty good resale value. Some of the cars that Toyota marketed became market leaders and raised the total sale volumes across the UAE.

Most popular models sold in Qatar were Land Cruiser, Hilux, Prado and Camry and in the year 2013, these cars were at top four positions. And then was non-Toyota branded model Nissan D22 pickup. After these Mitsubishi and Honda showed growth. Among top-rated commercial vehicles in Qatar GMC stood first then the Fuso Motors then Isuzu Motors. In the category of buses, Hyundai is the leader. There were BMW sales were increased by 9%, 18% of the increase in the sales of the luxury cars sales Rolls-Royce and   Ghost Extended Wheelbase model saw 75%. These increase in sales of expensive vehicles indicates that there will be more demand shortly.

Best sellers in Qatar:

Below are some of the best sellers in Qatar:

  • The Lexus LX holds # 4 best-seller in Qatar by 2016.   
  • The Bentley Bentayga is among 100 best sellers of Qatar.
  • By the facelift, the Toyota Land Cruiser is boosted to 10.2% market share.
  • The Gulf region just witnessed the launching of the new generation Toyota Hilux.
  • So far Nissan scored third best-selling vehicle in Qatar so far in 2015.
  • Among top Qatari Top 10, there exit the Ford Figo.
  • In Qatar, sales of the Range Rover are up by 321% in 2013.

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