What Is A Bike Trainer And What Are Its Advantages?


A bicycle trainer is a piece of equipment which allows a cyclist to ride the bicycle from a stationary position. Very much alike treadmills that allow us to run from a stationary platform, bicycle trainers allow us to ride a bicycle from a stationary position. But the only difference between these two instruments is that the bicycle trainer is not a separate piece of gym equipment. Instead it is a device which is attached to the regular bicycle to set it up in such a way so that we can ride it from a stationary position.

There are two more main ways that a bicycle trainer is used:

  1. They are used by cyclists who wish to warm up or cool down before or after a bicycle competition.
  2. These are also used by athletes who need to work out while staying indoors because of the weather outside or if they need to engage in some other activities like watching TV, reading a book or checking his or her email.

Owning a bike trainer comes along with many perks. Some of the many advantages of owning a bike trainer are as follows:-

  1. If the weather is acing spoilt sport the bike trainer allows us to exercise indoors helping us to strike off the ‘I can’t exercise today because of the weather’ off the excuse list.
  2. This is an increasingly tie saving method of getting in some heavy cardio into us. Hopping on to a bike trainer hardly takes 20 minutes of solid cardio work out sessions.
  3. A bike trainer occupies very less space in the house and is very convenient to store away and thus is extremely user friendly for all kinds of homes. In fact, when not in use these trainers can be folded up and kept in a closet.
  4. For a cyclist staying in a congested neighborhood, fighting traffic is a dangerous and frustrating ordeal so taking the training session indoors is the only sensible thing that they can possibly do.
  5. A bike trainer is the perfect way to get off the extra body fat through interval training.  By doing interval training high metabolic rates are achieved even hours after the session which means that fat burning hours are increased considerably which is a great deal for all the efforts someone puts in.
  6. Indoor cycling immunes the body to exert pressure over a prolonged period of time which ensures increased endurance and strengthening of the muscles that constitute the lower part of our body and it also reduces the chance of hip, ankle or knee injury caused due to cycling by minimalizing impact.

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