What Is The Difference Between Dealer Certified And Manufacturer Certified Car?


Buying a certified used car is almost similar to buying a used car but there are certain differences that cannot be neglected.

The first and the most important thing that the buyer should know is that it is better to buy the manufacturer certified used cars rather than dealer certified cars. Manufacturer certified car is more dependable because there is no risk of dealers abandoning you if they decide to end their dealership. A car which is certified by the manufacturer, obtains the certificate after undergoing regress testing of every part, engine condition and so on. Most of the times, manufacturers offer benefits similar to that of the new vehicle such as road assistance, loaner vehicles and so on.

Go through different manufacturer offers on Toyota certified pre owned vehicle to identify few programs that are offering the complete coverage. An in depth review of certificate would reveal what does it mean and aspects covered by the warranty.

Read the inspection report

While going through various details of the car, do not skip the actual inspection report. This will tell you that what all aspects the company has taken into account to give the certification to the car and deem it fit for sale. Vehicle identification number on the car as well as the report should be the same. These cars are certified by the industry technician but it is important that you take test drive in it before buying. Unless you get the feel of the car and are satisfied with its performance there is no value to the certifications and approvals provided by anyone.

Last but not the least is the price negotiation which plays a very important role in you getting the best deal on best car. For this, you should be prepared and go after doing proper research. There will be various online websites where you can find the true value of the car. Knowing the true value will help to negotiate a better price for the car. You can use the TMV price as the standard for negotiation in price for the used car that you are buying.

After the negotiation has been done, it is the time to sign the purchase contract. On this contract, see if the warranty is mentioned. Since, you are buying certified car, the cost of warranty, checks and other such things should be included in the price that you are paying for the car. There is no scope for any additional charges or hidden charges.

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