What Is The Repair Manual Of A Car?


You might have been told by a friend to go out and buy a repair manual for your car. And when you showed him the owners’ manual that you possess, he might have laughed in your face, telling you that the two are different things. Many people don’t know about the repair manual and that is perfectly alright because you are generally presented with the owners’ manual, also known as the maintenance manual. But when we talk about repair manual or refer to the workshop manual, it is a different thing.

Repair or workshop manual

The repair or workshop manual is the booklet provided by the company to its certified mechanics. It has all the necessary information which can come in handy when repairing a car. Ever wondered from where the knowledge of assembling and disassembling all these different cars come to your mechanics? Well, most of the time, these repair manuals are the gurus that tell them what screw to remove and how to take it all off.

How it is different from maintenance manual?

The maintenance manuals or owners’ manual provide you basic information about a vehicle. Being an owner, it is your duty to clean off and maintain your vehicle properly. From battery checks to lights to doing the basic chores, there are a few things that company wants a vehicle owner to do himself which is helpful in maintaining a car and keeping it perform at its peak.

However, it may not have information about how you can diagnose a vehicle for a problem and how you have to disassemble or reassemble a vehicle. From undoing a simple screw all the way to unlocking and removing complex parts of your car, all the information is available in workshop manual.

Final words

In short, the repair manual is directed at the mechanics and DIY individuals who love to do a few things on their own. It has all the information about a vehicle including how you have to remove different parts of the vehicle and see if they are working appropriately or not. Getting it for yourself may help you in doing a few repairs on your own to avoid the costly mechanic jobs.

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