What It Is Like To Own A Green Car?


When you own a green car, that is, either a fully electric or a hybrid one, you are contributing to protect the environment the best possible way. In return what you get is lesser maintenance hazards. But does that imply, that green cars do not ask for maintenance at all? even common sense can answer, and say, that’s simply being unrealistic. And to be honest, all we can say is that, no machine on earth can run without maintenance. So, even if you own a green car, you need to take good care of it, even though it can be lesser than that of regular gasoline cars, says an auto expert of the Prescott Chevrolet dealer

Maintenance for Fully Electric and Hybrid Cars

If you compare both, an electric car will always require remarkably lesser maintenance than that of a hybrid car, leave alone the regular gasoline ones. 

On the other hand, a hybrid car that combines both electric motor and a regular engine will obviously ask for more attention, as it carries mechanisms for both. 

Maintaining the Battery

In both fully electric and hybrid cars, the major part to take care of is the battery on which the engine is either fully or partially dependent. Though it is more vital for an electric car, it is no less important for the hybrid ones as well. To avoid any untimely failure, the battery in both of these kinds of cars needs to be checked at least once in a month to ensure that the connections are rightly placed and there is no trace of corrosion on the terminals. You need to check on the water levels in the battery and fill it up to the recommended level as and when needed.

Lifespan of the Brushes

If you own an electric car, you should know about the brushes that are placed on the motor. These brushes will go spoiled after certain usage and need to be replaced eventually. Check for this part if your car has crossed more than 80,000 miles.

Maintenance of the Suspension

Suspension is a common part to all vehicles, so it is also a part of maintenance, even if you own a green car. since it is the suspension that plays the role of smoothening the rides, and at the same time is the most exposed one, it can’t do without a proper maintenance. However, in the suspension unit, it is the pair of shocks or struts that need to be replaced at times.

Special Maintenance for Hybrid Cars

You need to know that more maintenance work is involved if you own a hybrid vehicle, as it uses both a conventional engine and an electric one. Hence, all the maintenance work that you would have done for a regular gasoline engine is required to be done in a hybrid car. This will include changing the engine oil, checking and filling up of the coolant, the transmission and brake fluid if necessary.

But as a hybrid car also consist of a motor run by electric, you need to keep a vigilant eye on them, warned the auto expert of the Chevy dealer serving Prescott,  otherwise it can start malfunctioning, defeating the purpose of driving a hybrid car. 

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