What To Consider When Buying Extended Warranty For A Car?


A warranty for a car may be described as an assurance and insurance that the vehicle purchased by you will perform at least through the time period stated there in. car warranty is generally included with the car.

Those thinking to buy an extended warranty for a car must consider its advantages and disadvantages that are highlighted as under.

Advantages: Following are the certain advantages associated with extended warranty for any car:

  • Suitable for specific needs – Extended warranties are linked with varied services and products in addition to the original warranties that are generally facilitated in terms of mileage and time limits etc.
  • Coverage of costly technology and heavy repairs – Progression of technology has resulted in development of computerized equipment, electrical wiring and other costly affairs in the new vehicles. It may be difficult to recognize and set aright any problems linked with such systems. Purchasing an extended warranty for a car may be beneficial in this regard as such damages can be covered under the same. Those buying new cars must get such things included in the car warranty with extended features.
  • Ease of paperwork and payment – The dealers offering extended warranty for the new cars usually take due care for all the paperwork etc. It is the auto manufacturer that directly pays the remuneration for the dealer’s specific services and the buyers are saved from the same.
  • Ease of repairs – Any repairs needed for the same brand can be got accomplished anywhere in the country by the car owners who buy extended warranty. It is beneficial as the restrictions are removed as far as such maintenance is concerned.

Disadvantages – Buyers of new cars must take into account the following disadvantages that are also associated with extended warranties:

  • High costs – Candidly, the buyers of extended warranties for their new cars get involved in placing bets. They think that the car may require more repairs as compared to the cost of the warranty while it not so in all cases. The car may not require so many repairs while the buyers have to pay a huge amount for buying extended warranties.
  • All repairs not included – Generally the extended warranties for the car do not cover the possible repairs. As such the buyers must go through the exclusion list that highlights the repairs, systems and parts that are usually not covered under this method.
  • Limited list of approved facilities – The extended warranties for cars usually do not facilitate the facilities for repairs that are not supported by the auto manufacturers that do not approve the same. Defects requiring repairs during a trip to different regions of the state may not be facilitated at the authorized service centers under extended warranty for cars and this makes the warranty useless.
  • No use at all in certain cases – Many a times it may be possible that the car under the extended warranty coverage may not get involved in any repairs. Thus the buyers of this warranty may never make use of the same.

Those buying new cars with extended warranties must consider the above facts before preferring the same.

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