14th Hero MTB Himalaya 2018

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If mountain biking interests you, then Hero MTB Himalaya is just for you! Hero MTB Himalaya is a mountain bike race held annually in the mesmerizing state of Himachal Pradesh, India. The race takes you to the most difficult and rough terrains in the Himalayas, and lets you explore the unexplored areas of mountains. This race is considered as one of the most challenging races in the world and the racers need a lot of heart to go through the tough terrains and fight with their fears.

Mountain bike racing is a difficult sport and is made for those who like to push their limits and love to take up challenges. Bike racing in the mountains requires a lot of presence of mind, courage and strength as you have to ride for many kilometres per day on the rough mountain terrains where you might face a lot of obstacles in your way.

About the Event:

If you aspire to conquer the mountains and be a part of this extreme adventure, the 14th Hero MTB Himalaya 2018 is about to be held from 27th September to 6th October 2018 and will start off from the venue point in Shimla. The race will include categories like Open Men Solo, Open Women Solo, Team of Two, Open Masters Solo and Open Grand Master Solo.

Why are Hero bikes a Great Choice for Trips and Racing?

Hero mountain bikes are considered to be the best choice for mountain racing since they are a perfect blend of technology, design and utility that result in high performance and quality riding. Hero bikes are perfect for rough terrains and with their excellent engineering, these bikes are great for performance-oriented bikers.

Formerly known as Hero Honda, Hero Motocorp offers some of the best motorcycles in India. Hero two wheelers are among the top choices of two wheeler lovers for road trips for a number of reasons.

  • Hero bikes have a sturdy and durable built, which is perfect for adventurous road trips, which might take you to rough terrains as well.
  • Whatever is the capacity of the Hero bike, you get to ride safe on the roads.
  • The high-quality tyres take up the constant riding very well and do not complain of overheating at any point of time.
  • Not only are Hero two wheelers very economical in their price range, they are also well known for their fuel efficiency and thus a road trip on a Hero motorcycle can save you a lot of your precious bucks.
  • You can easily find a Hero service station anywhere due to the wide network of Hero dealerships in India. This helps you in case you need to get your bike repaired on the way.
  • With the original Hero parts used in Hero bikes, you don’t get a chance to complain for low performance or low-quality riding.
  • Whether you want a commuter bike or a sporty performance-based bike, Hero has an option for you all.

So take up the challenge and gear up for the 14th Hero MTB Himalaya 2018! Get ready to make memories of a lifetime and experience the wilderness of the mountains to the extreme!

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