5 Reasons Why You Must Inspect Your Two Wheeler Before Each Ride


Generally, everyone who owns a bike acknowledges the fact that riding the vehicle has its own set of risks. However, if you are safe and responsible, these risks get minimized to a great extent. From maintaining the bike properly to carrying out regular checks, to buying the perfect 2 wheeler insurance policy, you can do a lot to ensure its safety. Take a look at this article to understand why you need to regularly inspect your bike and how you can do so to stay safe.

Reasons why you must inspect your bike before you ride

Take a look at this list to understand why you must inspect your two-wheeler before you take it out:

  1. To make sure it’s safe to ride: This is the foremost reason why you must check your bike each and every time before you ride. Unless you inspect, you won’t know of any flaws or faults in the bike that can cause a road accident. So do a thorough check before you take it out for a spin, especially on a long trip.  
  2. To see if it is legally viable to ride: The traffic police are strict when it comes to rules. This is a good thing as eventually it is done to ensure rider safety. However, you can get into trouble with the law for mistakes like not carrying your 2 wheeler insurance policy documents. You will also be pulled up if the registration plate is missing or it is covered in dirt. So check for these small yet significant matters before you start your journey.
  3. To assess its condition: Is your bike in a good, working condition? If you regularly use your bike, then it will be, but it’s always a good idea to run an inspection to be doubly sure. Put the key in the ignition and turn the accelerator to ensure the engine fires up properly. If you find any problems, get them fixed before you take the vehicle out to prevent a roadside breakdown. If you have an engine protection rider with your online two wheeler insurance plan, use it to check if the damage is covered, and get the bike repaired.
  4. To check the fuel: Next, you need to quickly check the fuel. Your bike should have sufficient fuel in it to take you to your destination. Your online two wheeler insurance plan may offer roadside assistance, but a check from your end may not warrant the requirement at all.
  5. To ensure it’s insured: And finally, you need to check the insurance papers very carefully. As stated, you may get into legal trouble if you don’t have valid insurance papers. So, get online two wheeler insurance and also get a bike insurance online renewal done to ensure you are always covered. This way, you won’t have to worry about any insurance related issues coming your way. Insurance is not just a legal requirement, it is an important measure to reduce financial losses in case of mishaps.

As you can see, these checks are easy to carry out and go a long way in ensuring your vehicle stays safe. They also help you by preventing many uncalled-for situations.

The bottom line

Your bike is precious. You should keep it safe and also ensure it keeps you safe. Do not be rash and irresponsible when you ride. Also, inspect it regularly to see what type of repair work or maintenance activity is needed. Once that is done, get ample insurance coverage to ensure you never fall short when making a claim. Buy the best plan and get the bike insurance online renewal done on time too. This will give you an all-round protection and you can ride your vehicle without any worries.

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