5 Tips For Hiring A Vehicle On Your Holiday


Hiring a car for a holiday trip is a good way to avoid putting excess mileage and wear on your own vehicle. It also allows you to “test drive” a new vehicle that you might be consider buying to replace your own. Here are five tips for hiring a car for your next holiday.

Book in Advance

Take your time to figure out what type of vehicle you will need for your holiday. If you plan on travelling to the Outback or going off-roading, then you will need a four-wheel drive vehicle. Also, many car hire companies offer discounts for booking a vehicle for multiple days, so you may be able to save money if you do some research before booking a car.

Carry Your Own Insurance

Although you can purchase insurance through the car hire company, you should buy your own to save money. If you cannot get coverage through your current car insurance policy, then you can buy temporary coverage from another insurance company. Go online and research your insurance options after you’ve booked the vehicle you want for your holiday, and buy a policy before picking up the car.

Read the Contract

Make sure you thoroughly read the car hire agreement and ask any questions to clarify what it says before you put pen to paper. Everything regarding the car hire should be in the agreement, including the mileage costs, when the car needs to be returned, the condition of the car at the time you picked it up and any extra charges you will be assessed if you are late returning it or it doesn’t have the right amount of fuel in the tank. The last thing you want is to be surprised when you drop off the vehicle and you are charged much more than expected.

Do Pre-Drive Testing

Before you take off in a car hire in Preston, Victoria, take your time to check the vehicle and learn how it operates. Start it up and listen to how it runs to make sure there aren’t any mechanical problems, look for the proper buttons to turn on the headlights, wipers and radio so you are not fumbling with the controls while trying to drive and—if you are unfamiliar with some of the on-board technology—have the agent show you how it works. Doing the pre-drive check can help you catch problems before you are on the road so your holiday isn’t interrupted.

Do Your Part

This means taking the vehicle back to the car hire company on time with the proper amount of fuel in the tank and without damage, if possible. This will help you avoid any additional charges not provided for in your budget.

There are dozens of companies from which you can hire a car, so you should take the time to go online and read the information about those in your area. By being informed, you will choose the best vehicle to take on your holiday, which will allow you to relax and enjoy your trip.

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