6 Apps For A Better Driving Experience


Apps and technology are two very important terms that should be part of your vocabulary by 2018. These additions in our dictionary have started to rule our lives, admit it or not. Millennials would find it difficult to survive without their phones, even if it was for a few hours. GenX is not too far behind, and the ones that are born now, have started their lives with phones and fancy tabs in their hands.

As much as they’ve changed our worlds, they have contributed fairly well to bring in some convenience into our lives. Now you can just check the bus time on your Maps or TripLite apps instead of walking all the way to the bus stop only to realize that the next bus is after 45 minutes, or has been canceled!
Let’s look at a few apps that can make the driving experience better for car owners. These are Australian apps and can be found on Android as well as iOS (mostly)

GoFar is essentially a logbook app. It is useful for drivers who want to automatically record all their tax claim expenses. It also helps record your vehicle’s health and keeps giving you information on your insurance, registration, tyre pressure, service, etc. It’s like an all-rounder app that provides an additional road assistance through the hours. It is always by your side, day or night! GoFar has the correct choice of name because it helps the driver go as far as he wants to. It checks your fuel efficiency as a plus point and also collects information about your CO2 emissions – something for the environment!

We’re not saying you can’t, but JerryCan. The point is, you can try all you want to keep track of exactly how much fuel has been spent for how many miles. But it is not the most convenient option, for sure. This app can give you a lot of information about efficiency, ecological impact, fuel consumption, total expense, and distance. This app will be like your guardian angel and guide you about your driving skills by giving you tips on how you can improve your driving.

If you need a parking space for your car nearby and you can’t find one, you might want to refer to Divvy Parking. It’s a very useful app for people who are traveling for longer periods of time and might not have parking space available at their housing arrangement. This is also a good idea for the one who might have too many cars at home but not enough space for parking. The marketplace of Divvy has other homeowners or tenants who have parking space available. These people can make extra money out of the parking space available. Using a similar business model to that of Uber, it creates a marketplace for people who have the means for a parking space, but might not have a car, or might not be using the car parking space.

While you’re learning how to drive, it is important to maintain the records of your experience as a driver. The Learner’s Logbook makes sure that all your activity is recorded throughout all the states in Australia. It creates a little PDF file, that can be signed by you and your driving supervisor, and is accepted by the traffic authorities. It’s like an official logbook entry that can be used for recording a learner’s activities, hence making driving a little less stressful for the new driver! The bonus is, it’s a FREE app for both Android and iOS.

Texting while driving? NOT COOL. We all are aware of the disastrous consequences of texting while driving. Why do we still do it then? Because it creates a sense of urgency in our brains. As soon as we receive the notification, we need to reply to the text. Phone calls aren’t as bad since you are at least looking at the road and you have a sense of what’s going on in front of you. Whereas, a text message completely disrupts your sense of direction and takes your eyes off the road! AT&T Driver mode is one of the best apps for a better, safer driving experience because it does not let the phone beep at all! Isn’t that the best? If there’s no mole, we can’t make the mountain either!

We know you love the one you have right now, but you ought to get rid of your old car to companies such as scrap car removal and get a new one, someday. The idea is, to have a marketplace ready on your phone where you can explore options of different cars, or check out options in case you want to sell your car. Carsales is, after all, the largest auto-network in Australia.
Another very interesting concept that has emerged in the last few years is the concept of scrap car dealers. You can try to sell your car to car removal services for instant cash! Even if your car is in running condition, they offer you a price that will give you the best value for your vehicle.

Since we have come to terms with the fact that technology makes our life more convenient, it’s time we accept its role in making our lives faster, and us, smarter.
Download a few of these and let us know your favorite one!
Happy Driving!

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