6 Features To Look Out For In Your Travelling Vehicle


When choosing the right car for your travel, you need to inspect all features one at a time to ensure the car fits your requirements.

You can decide to take on a test drive and check the comfortability of the seat belts. The most crucial features you should be careful about are the roof structure, head restraints, and ensure the windscreen has a design that cannot hinder you from getting a clear view. Most importantly, you can conduct the test drive during the night to monitor the visibility given by the headlights. These and many other features will help you realize the right car for you to travel. Below are some of the features you can be looking for in a car of your choice;

Advanced Seat Belts

The purpose of the seat belt is to keep you in your seat when an accident happens. Therefore, the belts escape you from the serious injuries that you can get from crashing with the steering, windscreen, or dashboard. A good seat belt should have an adjustable upper belt. The adjustable upper feature allows the change of the shoulder level of height to fit different body sizes. The feature encourages you to wear the seat belt since it contributes to the seat’s comfortability. Secondly, ensure seat belt pretensioner. The pretension retracts the seat belt to get rid of the excess slack in a car crash. Also, the energy management feature ensures proper yield by reducing the force on the shoulders by concentrating the energy around the chest. Also, look for a rear centre seat belt. The belt protects the person seated on the rear centre seat in case of a crash.

The effectiveness of the Air Bags

The airbag inflates to counter the impact in the case of a car crash. The airbag prevents you from hitting the dashboard, windshield, or steering. The side airbags keep you safe from the impact through the doors. Although we know the airbags by giving much protection and saving the lives of many people, the effectiveness of the airbags depends on the seat belts. The airbag is not a guarantee for you to ignore the seat belt and also does not prevent you from the rear and the side impact. You can reduce the injury from an airbag by buckling up and keeping distance between your chest and the dashboard.

Head Injury Protection

The protection system consists of material that can absorb energy and located beneath the trim of the vehicle interior and is invisible to the passengers. Some cars have head airbags. Unlike other airbags designed to protect you from the interior impact, the head airbag keeps you safe in a rollover. The airbags protect the head from striking the interior upper part of the vehicle.

Car-Head Restraints

Head Restraint is a model of a car on the seat that limits the movement of the head during a crash from behind to avoid neck injury. Most importantly, head restraints apply on the front seats and not the rear ones. The restraints should meet certain standards, like size and strength. You need to adjust the restraints manually, although, others auto-change with the change of the seat position or during a car crash. With this feature, you can enjoy the shift of speed without worrying about fuel consumption.

Antilocking Brake System and tyre technology

Antilocking brake system ensures that the wheels do not lock during braking allowing the driver to have full control of the steering to avoid a possible car collision. However, the system does not guarantee total safety, especially when you are driving at high speed or using excessive steering maneuver. You benefit from the system when you learn to utilize the braking correctly. The cars equipped with the ABS have a four-wheel ABS. The Four-wheel ABS controls the movement of all the four wheels while other vehicles can have a two-wheel ABS monitoring the rear wheels. Some ABS consists of an emergency detector that assists in the case of an emergency braking to yield the desired results. Moreover, a car with all-wheel drive system has the capability for providing a smooth drive during the off-roading trips. Escape Ecoboost is one such model from Ford that fits these criteria for a better off-roading experience.

Electronic Stability Control

The system is a design meant to help the driver to gain control in case of an extreme steering maneuver. The electronic stability system senses when the car starts to oversteer or understeer and applies to brake on one wheel. The system minimizes the chances of a car crash where the car sways off the road striking a guardrail, curbs, or other objects and causing a rollover. However, the driver should keep track of the speed since the system can fail at a high speed. Still, on stability, heavy vehicles can give more protection than lightweight ones.

The above features can help you make the right final decision on your travel car whether you are buying for the first time or you want to change.

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