Active Safety Features Your Car Must Have


To ensure safety on roads avoiding devastating accidents, the car makers are now into a serious work mode inventing more and more subtle ways through which human errors would have lesser impact on driving and have several ways of preventing an accident even if it leads to a serious one.  With the growing array of advanced safety technology installed in the latest cars, safety is now almost ensured on most of these new cars, trucks and SUVs. So, if you are on your way to get a new car, why not ensure the best possible safety in it. Considered that not all cars would have every advanced safety technology coming in as standard, make sure that you don’t miss out in securing the following must-have safety features, when you are buying a car in today’s scenario.

To help you choose the features not to miss, here is a comprehensive list of five most necessary “active” safety features, that that your car must have as suggested by the experts of the Escondido Ford dealership.

  1. Forward Collision Warning with Automatic Emergency Braking and Rear Cross-Traffic Alert

The technology also called automatic emergency braking or forward collision mitigation work with sensors that can detect vehicles or any object that comes in front of the car you are driving and send a prompt signal to the computer to evaluate the closure rate. If the system detects any probability of a collision, it will instantly trigger wither a visual or an audible signal or both at times. In case you fail to respond immediately, it would automatically apply the brakes in order to avoid the collision while or lessening the severity of its impact.

  1. Pedestrian Alert

Also known as pedestrian detection, this system is made to detect the intrusion of any pedestrian coming in your way by creating a sound alert especially when you are driving below a certain speed, like 20 or 25 miles per hour. It would even apply the brakes on your behalf if you don’t respond in time after the initial warning.

  1. Rearview Cameras

Rearview cameras or backup cameras work on the receptivity of a lens that would be mounted at the rear of your vehicle and project an image on the dashboard screen to let you see what is behind your car. There are some rearview cameras that can even provide a color image, while some have night-vision capability. Many of them display parallel lines on the image to indicate the width of the vehicle while others include a warning tone when your car gets too close to any object.

  1. Automatic Crash Notification

As learnt from the experts of the Ford dealership Escondido, the technology behind the automatic crash notification which is based on sensors that can detect when a vehicle has crashed and can automatically contact an emergency operator who can speak to the occupants. One big advantage of this system is that it can work even without a driver or a person to interfere. It provides the operator with the current location and every other information that is relevant for the rescuers.

  1. Blind-Spot Warning

This is a system that creates a sound alert or a light flash in the sideview mirror whenever another vehicle enters the blind spots of your car.

Having these as your backup system, you can be at peace when driving your car.

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