Apex Auto: The Things We Should Know

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Apex has over 15 years of manufacturing experience in machinery and assemblies. For all heavy manufacturing or machining needs, we are a one-stop-shop. While we supply manufactured components primarily for OEM construction equipment, we have manufacturing plants and facilities which also meet the structural requirements of various other industries. 

What is Apex Auto all about?

Apex is the largest Indian finished structural manufacturer for the earthmoving and building equipment industry in India. Currently, they manufacture components for top-selling pumps, rear hoes, cranes, compactors, transit mixers, subterranean boilers, crouching and screening equipment for the domestic and international market. The apex auto also addresses the defense, metro and rail transport companies ‘ structural requirements. They have five facilities in Jamshedpur, Dharwad, Bangalore, and Kharagpur across India which can handle more than 40,000 metric tons of steel per year and a team of over 1200 driven staff.

In all their plants, they are able to develop solid goods. This club, with investment in superior technology, technical expertise and project management, helps us to execute the most complex project outsourcing on schedule and in the budget. If the customer receives the required assistance at different stages.

What does Apex offer?

1) Apex Imports offer complete solutions for OEM in package shapes with master frames, track frames, booms, cannons, buckets and backhoe loaders for top sellers. 

2) Apex has given systems to the world majors such as Putzmeister, Copco, and Lebarero for concrete mixer and paver. 

3) Apex creates heavy crane structures. When force and consistency are key, Apex is used by OEMs. 

4) They provide a wide range of crushing and screening equipment for major international manufacturers, such as Metso Minerals, Terex, and Atlas Copco. 

5) In addition, apex auto tackles the operational needs of the transport companies in the metro and railways.

Why would somebody choose Apex?

  1. Time and capacity to increase in peak volumes 
  2. Full Solutions-One stop shop to satisfy your needs 
  3. Presence of Pan India to cater to OEMs 
  4. More effective. 
  5. Rapid product development and mass component production

The quality policy apex maintains:

Apex Auto aims to manufacture engineering products that meet world-class requirements for earth-moving goods to ensure full consumer acceptance. Customers’ trust them because they work relentlessly and unfailingly on meeting obligations without compromising quality. System and self-inspection are essential components of our production process. They try, whenever possible, to eliminate variations by intensive training and error checking. Different certifications are granted to apex auto.

Since its inception in 1994, Apex has undergone exponential growth. A small team and facility devoted to one company–TATA-Hitachi in Jamshedpur began the journey. Today, Apex has five facilities in India that meet the demands of over 10 major manufacturing companies and metro and rail transport undertakings, including Indian Railways.

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