Essential Questions You Should Ask About Used Cars

Buyer Guide

It always seems so right to purchase a brand new car but what should ask yourself is whether it’s worth what you’re paying for. Alternatively, you can still buy a good used car at affordable cost, and again it serves your purpose effectively. Even though you can get a good dealership like used cars in Montclair, but you have to ask yourself the following essential questions: 

What is VIN?

Vehicle Identification Number will you to request history details of a particular car from various companies, such as Also, through VIN, you can discover something terrible about the vehicle, for instance, when the odometer has gone back. Also, you can find about the “salvage title” that will eventually be reported as a complete loss by an insurance company. 

What about the history maintenance of the vehicle?

Request the owner of the used vehicle that you intend to unveil to you records of oil changes, regular maintenance and mechanical work that might show trace any looming problem. 

Why have you decided to sell the car?

Please don’t depend on your seller’s honesty but find your research regarding the reason he or she’s selling the vehicle. If the current person cannot provide you with a reasonable answer about why he’s selling the car, then it is a clear indication that there is a severe issue with 

Does the warranty still cover the vehicle?

 Just similar to buying fresh milk, you would buy a vehicle that still has most time remaining to the prior expiration date. In case the warranty will not transfer, or it has already expired previously, it is reasonable if you request for a price reduction or even request to extend the warrant.

Ca I go for a test drive?

Of course, be conscious if you’ve noticed the owner of the vehicle doesn’t support the idea of taking the car for a test drive. But if he accepts the idea, pay the attention on how the engine performs mainly on highways, hills, on traffic and at the stops.

Can you take the vehicle for a mechanical checkup?

A mechanical checkup may cost you less than $100. A certified mechanic can identify those common problems that a car might have. Look for a mechanic who is expertized in particular inspection in a phone book known as automotive diagnostic services. 

What is your precise cost if this car

Once the vehicle has passed the smell examination, now it’s your time for negotiation. Do you[r own research and feel free to go if you’ve noticed that your seller’s offer is too much according to how you expected. 


There are many car dealerships all around the world, find more about what they offer through their website so that you can compare with what you already have. Used cars in Montclair is a perfect example of a reputable dealership that should consider.

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