Buy An Exercise Bike – Some Tips


One of the most popular types of home exercise equipment is the exercise bike, but buying is not as easy as going to the mall and pick one. There are many things to think about before you do this. You will need to take into account not only the cost but the type of bike, if you prefer an exercise bike upright or reclining, and how comfortable and effortless it is to adjust.
How much are you willing to invest?

This is often the most important factor, but you should not go for the lowest cost bike available, since it can not last long, it is convenient to use and give good exercise. The lowest novice bike will cost about $ 200, and although this will be acceptable probably do not have many of the features that can be found in higher priced training bikes. For not much more, ie $ 300 to $ 600 to have a better quality bike with some features such as magnetic resistance, heart rate control, a comfortable seat and usually quiet and smooth operation.
For about $ 550 you will be able to buy a bike class with all the features you need. To this cost should have plenty of integrated training programs, simple to use and control console display of resistance, handlebars that are easy to adjust and a good warranty.
Exercise Bike Comfort

Of course, your bike should be comfortable because you will be spending much time in it! You will have a well-padded seat and handlebars to fit smoothly. Are you going to buy a upright or recumbent bike? Many people think that recumbent bikes are more comfortable to use than upright bikes while sitting in a reclining position which puts less strain on your back. Vertical bikes, although they are not as comfortable, has the advantage that it can easily increase the level of exercise standing pedaling like you would on a normal bike.
Adjusting the resistance
bicycle stress is variable in two ways. Most of the cheaper models use a belt and tension, more expensive models use magnetic resistance which is quieter and more reliable. Adjusting magnetic resistance is easy and is usually done with the keyboard or remote.
heart rate monitors

It is very important to be able to observe your heart rate during exercise as it is all in order to ride your bike in the first place! Always buy an exercise bike with an integrated heart rate monitor so you can adjust your workout accordingly. Almost all exercise bikes have this, although less expensive ones will often only have a pulse monitor built into the handlebars. Expensive exercise bikes will have exercises that are driven by its pulse so that automatically adjust to keep your heart rate at a level you set. This is a very nice, but not vital if you can afford it.
Integrated Training Programs
Many of the least expensive exercise bikes are not built-in programs. While you may think that this is not too much of a disadvantage you will discover that just sit on the bike and riding is monotonous very quickly! With training programs that can vary your exercise and the answer you get will help you with your enthusiasm. Show consoles that give you information about your heart rate, calories burned, distance traveled, etc. really do help keep your motivation and exercise longer.

Most exercise bikes in that medium to budget between $ 300 and $ 600 will give you a realistic set of workouts and includes a pretty good screen. More expensive bikes, ie in the $ 600 range and have a very wide range of training and class LED screens with a full range of feedback information.
In Conclusion
Certainly with stationary exercise bikes, as with other machines fitness exercises, you get what you pay for. Not a good idea to buy the bike lowest cost you can find, as it may not last long and you will not be satisfied with the training you get. No need to buy a bike very high price, but it is recommended to buy one for at least $ 300, which will give good quality exercise and stay motivated.