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Genuine Parts or generic? This question is asked constantly vehicle owners at the time of maintenance or major repairs have a specific failure in their cars, and in this issue we also controversial because many support the performance offered by original spare parts and many others think that are achieved with aftermarket match and even exceed the performance of the original parts.
I’ve heard many times that the difference of the original part with a generic is just the bag and the box with the manufacturer’s mark, and that the brand distributors or representatives only economic capitalize this situation, the original parts are very expensive compared to aftermarket and to account is the same!

No doubt in most cases it is true that the original part is more expensive than a generic replacement, but will they actually are the same qualities?

After many years of working experience in automotive mechanics aftermarket indicates that a large percentage fails to match up after many years the performance of original part, this speaking out on vehicles Americans, Japanese and Europeans, this does not mean that outside the original parts on the market there is something good to serve and last but simply that the life and performance in your car can be less than the original part.

Automakers are surrounded by large companies that supply specific parts of the car without need for these large companies are part of the manufacturers, therefore when a manufacturer uses the services of these big companies legally protects the service, something like rights copyright, in the same way legally prohibits the part manufacturer to an equal in quality, performance and form for many years.

The fact that a generic box tell a spare original equipment manufacturer (English original equipment manufacturer or, abbreviated, OEM) does not mean that the part you are buying has the same characteristics as the original one.

You should always seek input on your car spare parts since in most cases better meet the assigned task, however in case definitely the price of original parts is out of your reach must always seek quality aftermarket least Japanese.

I made a mention above about Japanese cars, American and European cars this as the Chinese are a thing apart, it’s amazing how the Chinese copy everything but very economical ways that I sometimes think that undermine security, we have seen several Chinese cars different brands within their parties bring bicycle accessories, bicycle if so we have found bicycle ball bearings in steering and suspension systems, ball joints with 5000 kilometers are completely damaged in which case a aftermarket replacement would provide more assurance that the same original replacement.

In summary and based on the experience the original part has always performed better than a generic replacement, it is sometimes better to invest once in something original to do it several times in a generic replacement.

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