Vending Machine bicycle parts

Spare Parts

Fixtation Bike is a vending machine that sells bicycle parts (patches, tubes …), energy drinks and cereal bars. It also has a stand to make adjustments and simple repairs (with eight tools) and an air compressor to inflate the tires for free.

Chad and Alex, two friends from Minneapolis (USA), have invented this “self service kiosk repairs”, as they call it. Bike Fixtation open from 6 am to midnight, 365 days a year.

Minneapolis was named in 2010 as the best U.S. city for biking. One reason for this appointment is the excellent bicycle rental program that takes four years running.

It also has an extraordinary network of exclusive lanes for cyclists and pedestrians, among which Greenway (greenway), with 8 kilometers long. To fix the damage that may occur to the bikes, Bike Fixtation is available to all cyclists who need it.